Don’t Let Summer Leave You with a Messy Mane!

Proper Hair Care Is Important Especially During Summer

What comes into mind when you think of the summer season almost here? You probably are busy thinking about fun in the surf, sand and sun, working on your tan, barbecue parties, getting the latest bikinis, summer vacation and outdoor fun! Yes indeed summer time means having the pleasure of doing these things but you should also think about protecting your hair from the blazing heat!

Your crowning glory can be reduced to a royal mess because of the searing heat from the sun. Here are some ways on how you can prevent hair damage during thes hot days of summer.

  • Feed your body protein – What is our strands of hair made up of? Protein! Eat foods that are great sources of protein such as eggs, chicken, tofu and beans as they promote healthy hair! Foods that are packed with iron, vitamin E and B vitamins will also nourish your mane!
  • Stay away from highly acidic diets – A highly acidic diet can make your hair dry. Beer, coffee and soda should be avoided. Limit your intake of White rice, pasta, citrus fruits, glazed fruits and corn as they form a highly acidic diet. You should also stay away from very fatty foods, processed foods and sugary foods. If you can’t resist having a taste of these foods, just make sure that you watch your portions.
  • If you smoke, start quitting now! – You should start quitting smoking as cigarettes are not healthy for you. They can cause cancer and other serious diseases. If you also want your hair to be glorious, you should stub out that stick. Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that are damaging to the DNA found in your hair follicles. These chemicals in cigarettes also trigger free radicals which we know are damaging to our body’s cells.
  • Don’t forget to condition your hair! – If you often swim in the pool or the beach, (which you would probably doing all summer long) you should never forget to condition your hair afterwards. Seasalt and chlorine will dry out your hair. You’ll need a potent hair conditioner that would bring back moisture to it. The Moroccan Argan oil is a great hair conditioner. It is packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and other nutrients with moisturising properties! You can use the Argan oil to condition your hair while in the shower or as a leave-on conditioner at night before going to bed.
  • Before dipping in water, wet your hair first with tap water! Don’t skip heading for the shower stalls and wetting your body and hair before going for a swim. With already wet hair before diving in the pool or the beach you would avoid getting much salt or chlorine on your mane!
  • Head straight to the showers after swimming! – Don’t lounge around or don’t skip the shower after a swim. Washing your hair after swimming will make sire that you’d get the salt and chlorine off your hair immediately, preventing them from doing serious damage!

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