Don’t Let Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics Touch Your Skin

Always Check What You Buy

Most women admit that they can’t live without make-up. If you’re one of them then you should make sure that the make-up you use every single day is not slowly killing you. Here are some guidelines on how you should go about choosing your cosmetics.

Guidelines in Choosing Cosmetic Products

Don’t Forget to Check the Label

All cosmetic products have a label listing down its ingredients. What every consumer should be aware of is that there are numerous ingredients in cosmetics that should have you running far far away from them. If a cosmetic product contains “phthalates”, “sulfate”, “parabens”, “triclosan” or “toluene” in its ingredients your alarm bells should be sounding really loud. If you are wondering why, the simple answer is because these ingredients are harmful to your health. Don’t be easily swayed by the “Natural” label in products. Check the ingredients and if you see any of the ones we mentioned above, don’t purchase it.

Be Proactive and Research Harmful Ingredients

Knowledge is your best defence against the many harmful ingredients found in numerous cosmetics and even everyday household products. There are several websites that provide the public with a list of toxic ingredients in personal care and household products. The Skin Deep database can shine a light on dangerous ingredients in cosmetics. Of course you don’t have to memorize every single known or suspected harmful ingredient. These ingredients can be hard to pronounce let alone memorize. What you can do is list down these ingredients and always have the list with you whenever purchasing cosmetic products.

Lend Your Support to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Let the cosmetics industry and the government hear your voice. Your voice can make a difference. Many people are now calling on for safe cosmetics however the main issue is that the Food and Drug Authority or FDA doesn’t hold any power to study, evaluate and approve cosmetic ingredients before they are used in cosmetic products. This is why there are still known and potential carcinogens and other toxic ingredients in numerous beauty and personal care products including make-up. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics urges for the passage of a bill aimed to close some loopholes and shed light on gray areas on how cosmetics company list the ingredients in their products they sell. With your help the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics can be successful in having this bill passed. If you want to learn more about the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics , go to their website.

Before you apply that lipstick, mascara, foundation and other make-up products, make sure that they won’t bring your healthy any harm. Follow these guidelines to help avoid toxic ingredients getting into your body through your cosmetic products.

Everyone should know about the dangers of toxic ingredients in cosmetics and learn how to avoid getting in contact with them. Share this post on your Facebook, Twitter or through e-mail to everyone you know.

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