Don’t Miss Out on the Exciting Flavors of the Culinary Argan Oil

What kind of cooking oil do you have in your kitchen. It’s great if you’re using healthy oils such as the olive oil. But there is one other healthy culinary oil that not many people know about. What is this oil?

The Culinary Argan Oil

In the cosmetic world, Argan oil is a popular name. It can not be denied that the cosmetic Argan oil has reached greater heights in terms of popularity and demand. This beauty oil has smitten millions of women all over the world including a number of celebrities and popular personalities. The culinary Argan oil is starting to catch on and it has become one of the newest oils favored by world class chefs.

Both the culinary and cosmetic Argan oil are naturally extracted from the Argan nuts. Both these oils have basically the same composition. The only difference is how they are made. With the culinary oil, the nuts are roasted before being pressed while in the cosmetic type there is no roasting of the nuts involved. How healthy is the culinary Argan oil? The oil can help boost your immune system, and can help reduce your risk for cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

A Nutty Taste

World-class chefs are loving the nutty kick that the culinary Argan oil gives to dishes. In the United States alone, numerous top gourmet chefs have already fallen in love with this oil and are using the oil in their dishes. Which chefs are loving the nuttiness of this oil?

Top Chefs Who are Using the Culinary Argan Oil

  • Chef Ken Oringer of Boston uses the culinary Argan oil in various seafood dishes that he creates such as the Ragout of Calamari with Grains of Paradise. Oringer said that the light and nutty taste of the oil gives his dish a distinct and delightful flavor that is a perfect match with his seafood dishes. His seared Nantucket Bay scallops with ginger salt, goat’s milk butter and of course Argan oil is a big hit in the Boston gourmet community.
  • Paul Liebrandt, who had been a chef in Michelin star decorated restaurants in London, Oxford, and Paris, is among the many top chefs who love the culinary Argan oil. Chef Liebrandt introduced the culinary secrets of the Argan oil to New York. He is known for his love for experimenting and eclectic high quality cuisine. He loves using the oil in entrees like Millbrook Venison on Red Cabbage Marmalade and Sweet and Sour Baby Carrots. Argan oil in desserts? Why not?! Chef Liebrandt adds the oil to desserts like the Argan oil financier with yuzu marmalade. Why is Chef Liebrandt fond of using this exquisite oil? According to Chef Liebrandt, he finds the oil very versatile and it combines perfectly with numerous flavors plus it punches in a surprising element to the final course!

So if you have not tried the culinary Argan oil yet in your dishes, you are missing out on a world of flavors! Go ahead and grab a bottle now!

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