Don’t Overdo Your Summer Fun!

Don'T Overdo Your Summer Fun

Now that the summer season is in full swing, many are headed out to the beach and enjoy the cool water. Summer brings tons of fun but it also brings some discomfort. It has been said that time flies when you are having fun and fly away fast it does. Many of us do not even notice that we have been under the sun or been in the water for far too long that only after too late do we realise that we’ve had too much fun. Burnt and stinging skin is no fun at all.

The Painful Consequences of Too Much Summer Fun

There is a tendency for us to overindulge ourselves every summer season. We can put the blame on bright sunny days or the inviting cool waters but the fact remains that it is us who would suffer the consequences of staying too long under the sun or swimming in the sea.

Sun-Burnt Skin – Baskin under the sun for too long is not good for your skin. Do not think that just because you have lathered sunscreen lotion on your skin, you can just bask under the sun for hours. You’re asking for trouble if you do. You should try your best to avoid being under the sun during the hours of 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Stingy Skin – It is not just the sun that can damage your skin. Seawater can also do the same. Seawater contains salt and salt dries out your skin. Staying too long in the water coupled with the intense heat from the sun is a deadly combination. You may be ignoring that stinging sensation on your skin for now but the moment you get out of the water, you’ll start feeling that stinging sensation.

Skin Cancer – That stinging and burning sensation on your skin is not the only thing you should worry about when you have too much summer fun. A more serious consequence is skin cancer. Both the young and old can get skin cancer and statistics show that these days more people are developing skin cancer. Skin cancer does not discriminate so whatever your skin color or your race may be, you can get skin cancer if you are not too careful. The truth is skin cancer is a preventable disease. Here are a few things you should remember so you can minimise your risk of getting skin cancer.

  • Wear sun protection everyday. A sunscreen lotion with a minimum Sun Protection Factor 30 is recommended to be lathered on the skin at least half an hour before heading out. Don’t think that sun protection is only applicable during the summertime or when you’re headed to the beach. Lather sunscreen daily on your skin..
  • Avoid being outdoors during the peak hours of the sun.

When you have burning or stinging skin, you’ve overdone your fun under the sun. Immediately take a shower to cool down your skin. Apply the Argan oil on your burnt skin. This oil is packed with Vitamin E which helps repair damaged skin. It has numerous antioxidants that protect and keep the skin healthy! Best of all, avoid basking under the sun or swimming in seawater for too long!

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