Don’t Panic When You Notice Your First Wrinkle!

Wrinkles Will Appear No Matter How Old You Are

So you looked in the mirror one day and you finally realised that you are not among the immortal beings you have been reading about. Seeing that first wrinkle on your face can be a tough blow to many even though we all know that aging is a normal part of our biological process. So how should you deal with aging? Here are some helpful tips!

  • Don’t be too stressed out! Stressing about your wrinkle will do you no good. In fact stress is actually believed to have a role in the formation of wrinkles. So when you see a wrinkle on your face, don’t stress. Take a breath, a deep one perhaps, and just accept the fact that aging is a natural part of living.
  • You can fight back! Sure aging is inevitable but there are certain ways for you to delay this natural process. There are even ways to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. So the next thing you need to do is understand how you can fight back.

Ways to Stay More Youthful

  • Keep your skin hydrated. To minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also prevent more of these unwanted lines from invading your skin, you should always keep the skin moisturised. There are two ways for you to moisturise the skin. Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water everyday and eating fruits with high water content. The second way is by moisturising the skin daily.
  • Use a potent skin moisturiser. The Moroccan Argan oil is an excellent choice in moisturiser. It is loaded with essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. These two nutrients alone have powerful moisturising properties. Argan oil also comes with Sterols and Sterols lock in moisture to the skin therefore keeping it well hydrated. Antioxidants in the oil like Vitamin E, Carotenoids, Ferulic acid and Polyphenols also protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals such as UV rays. Free radicals damage the skin and the result is wrinkles and fine lines. Most of the nutrients in the oil also allows skin cells to regenerate and the result of that is a more youthful skin.
  • Exfoliate! You should treat your skin to an exfoliation at least once a week. Dead skin cells build up on the skin. Exfoliating will reveal new and younger skin. Exfoliating will instantly give your skin a youthful makeover. How? After exfoliating, your skin will have a smooth surface and a smooth surface will reflect light therefore the appearance of lines is reduced.
  • Use sunscreen daily. Sunscreen lotions protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays which is the number one cause of skin aging. Be sure to apply sunscreen daily and use one with an SPF of at least 30 and one that has both UVA and UVB protection.
  • Change your perspective. Wrinkles don’t make you ugly and chances are you’re the only one who gives them much attention!

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