Dos and Don’ts for Fall Nail Care

Autumn is when your hair, skin, and nails go into recovery mode from the heat and humidity of summer. Here’s a couple of things you need to know to help keep your nails in tiptop shape.

Caring for Your Nails this Fall

Avoid liquid soaks
Liquid detergent is good for cleaning kitchen utensils and the sink—keep it that way. While it might remove debris from your palms and fingers, giving your nails a good soak in washing liquid removes natural oils that keep them well-nourished and protected. Too much soap can strip your nails clean of oil and its much needed protection.

Leave the cuticles alone
The cuticle serves as protection for the nail. It covers up the gap between the skin and the nail. Removing the cuticle from the nail also removes the barrier that keeps external debris (not to mention bacteria) from entering the blood system. If you do need to move the cuticle back, prevent the potential for breakage by soaking your fingers in water for a few minutes first. This softens the cuticle and allows you to push it back, subsequently removing dead cells without compromising the cuticle’s integrity.

Fast drying isn’t always a good idea
Constant application of nail polish often damages your nails in the long run. Fast drying nail polish is even worse, as they contain high levels of isopropyl alcohol (IPA),of which exposure may lead to the nail surface becoming brittle and flaky. While you don’t have to wait very long for the nail polish to dry, it does compromise the health of your nail. If you must use fast drying nail polish, do so sparingly and far between.

Square filing
Square nails provide the best support, compared to pointed ones. In fact, the sides of the nail provide strength, a moot advantage if you file away the sides for pointed nails. Pointed nails also have the greater potential to break. If you’d rather have them pointed, wait until the nails are at least one eighth of an inch beyond the free edge before filing away the sides.

Keep your nails off hard surfaces
Your nails aren’t indestructible, but they were meant to have a certain degree of flexibility. Your nails bend each time they touch, and extreme pressure can cause them to break. For dry nails, especially in the wake of summer, you’ll need to take extra care handling hard surfaces.

Moisturizing tip
Argan oil is a natural oil that helps nourish your nails, at the same time helps you retain the oils that your body produces. Argan oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants and nail essential nutrients such as Sterols and essential fatty acids, which all will do your nails a world of good.

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