Should I Try Dry Skin Brushing?

Taking care of your skin often involves facials, foot treatments and body lotions. However, dry skin brushing should also be a component to your daily routine. Large, bristle brushes stroked against your legs, arms and torso have numerous health and beauty benefits. Explore the art of dry skin brushing today so that you can see the dramatic results in little time.

1. Exfoliates The Skin

Dry skin brushing performs the basic job of exfoliating the skin. As you move the bristles across the skin, dead cells simply slough off. Exfoliation performs other skin services, including:

• Unclogging pore

• Clearing the way for new tissue to grow in

• Alerting you to possible bruises, lumps or other skin issues

After exfoliating, rub some argan oil onto your skin. This natural substance can absorb in rapid time with the skin open to treatment.

2. Invigorates The Lymphatic System

A major health benefit of dry skin brushing is influencing the lymphatic system. With the stimulation across your largest organ, the lymph system activates. This waste system removes toxins within your body, including the skin layers. You might fight off an infection or other ailment with the lymphatic system at full alert with daily dry skin brushing.

3. Tackles Cellulite

Cellulite is a collection of fatty deposits just underneath your skin. They have an unsightly appearance, but they don’t disappear with weight-loss efforts. Dry skin brushing has some solutions to cellulite, such as:

• Breaking down the fatty deposits over time

• Spreading the fat to different areas

• Decreasing the appearance of cellulite

Seeing cellulite melt away may be a goal, but brushing it will take some time. Be patient with this beauty benefit as you work the brushing into your daily routine.

4. Encourages Stress Release

Brushing your skin takes some dedicated time. Use this time to meditate or concentrate on the calming sensation offered by the brushing. You’ll notice less stress after your session is over.

After brushing, continue your pampering session with a rubdown using argan oil. You can apply this oil to your entire body or just the brushed area.

5. Rushes Nutrients To The Skin

As you brush the skin, the body responds with more blood to the area. You’re stimulating it so the cardiovascular system supports the tissue with oxygen and other nutrients. As a result of consistent dry skin brushing, more nutrients reach your skin. Discover these benefits of increased nutrients at the skin level, including:

• Smooth skin

• Supple texture

• Natural glow

6. What You Need And How To Do It

Find a brush with a long handle and natural bristles. You should be able to move the brush across any skin area, including the back. Use a firm yet gentle pressure on the brush as you move it toward your heart. Always keep this tip in mind because the movement encourages both the beauty and health benefits.

Don’t forget to add argan oil to your skin afterward. You’ll only improve the glow across your entire body.

Share these tips with loved ones so that they can try a dry-brushing technique. From exfoliating dry skin to invigorating the tissue with nutrients, brushing your skin once or twice a day will only improve your appearance and health. Pick up a brush and argan oil today to complete your at-home beauty treatments.

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