Easiest Makeup Tricks for the Lips Ever

Do you love wearing makeup? If you do, you would love these really easy to do makeup tricks for the lips! Here’s our “Lip Service” to you!

Easiest Makeup Tricks for the Lips

1. Picking the right shade.

When picking the right shade for your lips, do you swipe the lipstick on the back of your hand to check if the color is flattering to you? Here’s a better idea. Swipe the lipstick on your fingertip so you can hold the color next to your face and see just how it looks. If there’s no mirror, the finger is still a better option for gauging since it’s almost similar in color and texture to your lips.

2. Exfoliate your lips

Yes, your puckers need exfoliating too. To exfoliate your lips, your toothbrush or a damp paper towel can do the job (just be gentle in scrubbing). With a post-scrub puckers, applying lipstick will be easier as it will glide on without caking.

3. Fill in those fine lines

If you have tiny lines or wrinkles above your upper lip, here’s a good makeup trick that will prevent your lipstick from feathering. Coat your mouth with a clear lip balm and go a bit outside your lip line. Once done apply your lipstick. This trick prevents your lipstick from wandering.

4. Make your lipstick stick a little longer

Does your lipstick fade away even before lunchtime? If you are not fond of wearing long-lasting formula lipsticks, here’s a simple trick that will make your lipstick stick around longer. Apply a coat of your lipstick like you normally do then press it with a single-ply tissue. Then powder lightly over the tissue using a puff or a brush. This trick lets your lipstick’s color set in and prevents running and feathering.

5. Plump it up (The Angelina Jolie Lips)

If you want those Angelina Jolie lips, really sexy and plump, here’s a finishing touch that you should not miss doing. Dab the middle of your lower lip lightly with a silver or gold lip gloss. This creates the illusion of fullness. But if you want the Jolie effect to last don’t blot or purse your lips.

Try out these makeup tricks for the lips and tell us what you think!

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