Easy and Trendy Styles for Short Hair

A lot of women are sporting short hair nowadays. Aside from its wash and wear advantage, it is easier to maintain and saves a lot of time to style. Short hair can also make you look cool, chic and sexy.

But this does not mean that you can just leave your hair as is. Without proper care and maintenance, your hair will have the tendency to hang lifeless and limp or it can run wild and stick out in all directions. So unless you consciously want to achieve these looks, take time to master the best ways to style your short hair.

Here are some popular styles for short hair that are easy to achieve and maintain.

  • Pixie
    This style was popularized during the 1960s by the famous British supermodel Twiggy and the American actress Mia farrow. This playful and sexy hairstyle accentuates the eyes, the cheekbones and other prominent features of the face. To play up with the look, you can smoothen the long fringe bangs sideways or you can leave it as is to achieve a wash and wear effect. You can just apply an anti-frizz
    product to be safe.
  • Afro
    If your hair is naturally curly, sport a short mini afro hairstyle to add some bit of character to your personality. This is one of the easiest styles to maintain since no chemicals are needed to create this look. The short layers give shape to your head and you can just comb it through using your fingers. You can just use a moisturizer like Argan oil to keep your curls shiny and nourished.
  • Bob
    This is perhaps one of the most popular styles for short hair. It also comes in different styles, from the classic bob to the modern bob and everything in between. If you want to look like the quintessential modern woman, choose the modern bob as your style.Bobs sans bangs look trendy no matter the age. It is also an ideal transition style when you want to get rid of your long locks. You can part your hair to the side for a chic look and to camouflage a prominent forehead or you can part it in the center for a quirkier look.

    If you want to wear bangs, you can sport the bob with bangs. This style is ideal for straight hair and it highlights heart-shaped and oval faces. If you are opting for a more old-school look, bluntly cut the ends at random points between the earlobe and chin and cut the bangs straight. For a more contemporary look, try wearing longer bangs that rest just below your brows.

  • Chin-length Waves
    This one-length style is most suitable for those with natural waves. This cut gives emphasis on your hair’s innate texture, giving it life and a natural bounce. This style does not require a lot of styling maintenance and is one of the easiest to wear.

No matter what style you choose, make sure that your short hair is well maintained and properly nourished. Use natural hair products, such as Argan oil, that moisturize your hair and repair the damage caused by various chemicals and heat.

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