Your Hair Will Love It If You Can Give It A Natural Recipe

Easy Hair Care Recipes You Can Do Yourself

Thinking of hitting the salon to get your hair looking good? Why not just stay at home? All you need to get your hair looking great are some natural ingredients you usually find at home and a little knowledge on how your hair responds to certain substances. In fact, most of the things you need are right there in your own kitchen, and you don’t even know it. Here are a couple of recipes that are easy to do and yet highly effective too.

Pay attention to your scalp
The state of your hair strands depends on the state of your hair follicles, which are embedded in your scalp, meaning you’ll need to ensure that your scalp is healthy as well. If you suffer from oily hair, take a cotton ball dipped in witch hazel, and swab your hairline with it. Part your hair in sections and work on the succeeding parts. When done, rinse your scalp thoroughly with cool water.

On the other hand, if you have a dandruff problem, don’t use conditioner and add tea tree oil to your regular shampoo. For extra effectiveness, throw in some Argan oil as well to keep your scalp nourished with the necessary vitamins and micronutrients.

Restore life to strands
Can’t stand your dry, dull hair? If you’ve been spending too much time styling your hair (or your conditioner just isn’t doing it for you), take one egg and extract the yolk into a bowl. Add in half a cup of honey, two tablespoons of Argan oil, and two ripe avocados. After mixing this thoroughly, apply all of it to your hair, ensuring each strand is well-coated in the mixture. Leave the concoction on for one to two hours, or until it hardens. After, use your regular shampoo and conditioner to wash it off. The results are almost instant.

Bringing out that extra shine
The disadvantage of getting your hair styled all the time is that the constant onslaught of chemicals will leave it feeling dry and brittle. Natural oil, specifically Argan, will help bring back the shine to your tresses; simply apply the oil to every strand, starting at the roots and working your way down to the ends. Leave this on for an hour to enable the oil to really seep in. Allow the scalp to dry naturally, as it produces enough heat by itself.

Enhance your color
Blonde, redhead, brunette—whatever your hair color, you’ll want it to stand out with a lively bounce. If you feel your hair color has lost its oomph, take one fourth of a cup of distilled white vinegar and mix it with one half of a cup of water. Pour this over your head, as this removes the mineral residue that tends to build up from local water piping systems.


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