Easy Ways to Keep Baby’s Skin Healthy

Your Baby's Skin Is Very Sensitive

Every child is a precious gift. New born babies and young infants are precious from the moment they come out of the womb. They are weak though and unable to create their own antibodies when they are still young. This is the reason why taking care of your baby is extremely important – because they can’t do it for themselves yet. Part of your caring and nurturing should include the care for your baby’s skin. Being exposed to the elements of the world would be something new for your new born. The sunlight, wind, pollution, and weather changes would affect your baby’s skin. Here then are some of the most important tips on how you can keep your baby’s skin healthy.

Soaps and cleansers

Never use harsh soaps and cleansers for your baby’s skin. There are products that are specifically made for young and sensitive skin that would not cause irritation. Look for all natural products that would cleanse your baby’s skin while not harming them in any way. It pays to read labels and to research. Ask family and friends and even your Pediatrician about recommendations. Read about each product first before purchasing to make sure of their ingredients and effects to young and sensitive skin.


Your baby’s skin will easily dry out if you do not care for it properly. For you to save your baby’s healthy skin, you need to use moisturizers on it. Not any type of moisturizer will do though. You need to find those that are safe to use for youngsters. Those moisturizers that have soft components that will not harm sensitive and young skin would be ideal to use. Natural oils would also be wonderful. Take argan oil for example. A rich, pure, and 100% all natural oil, argan oil is both safe and healthy for your baby’s skin. This oil which comes all the way from Morocco is all natural meaning it does not contain any harmful solutions or chemicals that could potentially harm your baby’s skin. Extremely rich in nutrients and vitamins, argan oil maybe used twice a day or even more if needed. A few drops of this oil massaged to your baby’s skin will provide vitamin E and essential fatty acids to your baby’s skin. Argan oil is also non-greasy and it is easily absorbed by the skin. You don’t have to use a lot just a few drops would be enough.

Sun exposure

Sun exposure is necessary for the baby’s skin. Avoiding over exposure and exposure when the rays of the sun are strongest should be remembered though. It would be best to bring your baby out in the sun early in the morning when the sun has just started to shine. Short sun exposures would be enough, about 15-30 minutes. 7 am to 8 am would be a good time to do early strolls in the park or early visits to your own garden. Avoid sun exposure during peak hours which is between 10 am to 4 pm.

Making sure your baby’s skin is healthy is important so make sure you take these tips to heart.

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