Eat These Fruits for a Beautiful Crowning Glory!

Many women won’t deny that having a shiny and healthy crowning glory give them joy. To achieve this, you should not only rely on using effective hair care products and following a proper hair care routine. One should also give much attention to their diet. Eating a balanced diet is essential in keeping the mane healthy. How your hair grows, feels and looks depend on how nourished your hair follicles are. Oxygen and nutrients such as B vitamins (B3 or Niacin, B9 or folic acid and B6 or pyridoxine) and vitamins A, E and C are essential to your hair. The great news is that these nutrients essential for the hair are found in numerous fruits. To ensure that you are nourishing your hair, remember to include these fruits in your daily diet.

Fruits For Your Hair

  • Avocados, Dates, Guavas, Lychees and Mangoes These fruits should be on your plate if you long for shiny, healthy and full head of hair. Avocados, dates, guavas, lychees and mangoes are packed with Vitamin B3 or also called Niacin. Vitamin B3 holds a crucial role in producing cellular energy, maintaining good circulation and promoting healthy functions of the hair. Boysenberries, nectarines, peaches and passion fruit are also loaded with Vitamin B3.
  • Pineapple, Pomegranate and Watermelon Don’t miss out on these sweet and refreshing fruits most especially when you dream of wearing healthy hair. These fruits have high amounts of Pyridoxine of Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 plays a very important role in keeping the locks healthy. This nutrient triggers the formation of red blood cells and these cells are responsible of supplying oxygen to the hair follicles. Vitamin B6 also plays a major role in the metabolism or protein and you probably know by now that your hair is made of keratin which is a protein fiber. You can also get vitamin B6 from avocados, bananas, cherimoya, dates, grapes, guavas, lychees, passion fruit as well as mangoes.
  • Blackberries, Cherimoya, Papaya and Strawberries These fruits contain folate or the type of Vitamin B9 that occurs naturally. If you are quite confused between folate and folic acid you only have to remember that folate is the natural form while folic acid is the synthetic form of B9. Both give the same wonders to your hair and overall health. Folate helps in forming healthy red blood cells that would carry oxygen to each cell in the body. For the hair to grow healthy, hair follicles require good blood flow and enough oxygen. You should feed your body at least 400 micrograms of folic acid in a day however if you drink alcohol regularly, up your daily folic acid intake to 600 micrograms. Raspberries and oranges are also high in folate.
  • Kiwis, Guavas and Papayas They are loaded with Vitamins A, C and E which are potent antioxidants. These nutrients help protect the hair from free-radical damage plus they also play an essential role in promoting healthy hair!
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