One Of The Best Ways To Maintain Beauty Is To Eat Healthy

Eat Your Way to a Healthy and Knock Out Skin

Many women believe that beautiful skin is the result of the skin care products that they use. This is only partly true. For the most part what you eat is what determines how healthy your skin is. The lifestyle you live also affects your skin.

Today many people are eating unhealthy food. Cheeseburgers, French fries, pizzas, greasy steaks and other oily and greasy meals from fast food chains are in almost everyone’s daily menu. Because of the convenience of fast food meals, many have gotten used to these very unhealthy foods.

Not only are these foods bad for your skin, they are also bad for your health. You need to eat right and keep your body healthy if you want to have gorgeous skin. Here are some nutrients that your skin needs and a list of some foods that are great for your skin and your overall health.

Nourishment for Your Skin

  • Beta Carotene – This is a very powerful antioxidant that helps in cell rejuvenation. If you want to avoid premature skin aging then you should see to it that you include Beta Carotene in your daily meals. Vegetables like carrots and squash are packed with Beta Carotene. Apricots are also filled with Beta Carotene.
  • Vitamin E – A daily dose of Vitamin E will make your immune system stronger and able to fight infection better avoiding you to become ill. This vitamin benefits the skin by slowing down the process of cell aging. It also helps prevent scarring. Vitamin E also helps in repairing damaged tissues. Raw nuts and seeds as well as oils from plants are packed with Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin C – Eat lots of oranges, kiwis and peppers as they are loaded with Vitamin C. This vitamin helps fight colds and more importantly it is essential for the repair and growth of all the tissues of the body. You may have heard your mum tell you to drink your Vitamin C to keep your bones and teeth strong. She is right.Vitamin C is also responsible for forming elastin and collagen which are important proteins of the skin. It thus makes the skin stronger as well as the blood vessel walls and cell membranes.
  • Essential fatty acids – These are actually very important to the health of the body as well as its maintenance. Essential fatty acids are essential in repairing cells and tissues of the body. Cold pressed oils such as Olive oil and Argan oil are packed with essential fatty acids.
  • Selenium – This is an antioxidant which actually protects the skin cells from the damaging effects of the sun’s Ultra Violet rays. Your skin is kept supple and elastic by Selenium. Eat your broccoli if you want your skin supple and healthy. Onions, garlic and tuna are also packed with Selenium.

Now that you know what you should be including in your meals, you should also know what skin care product should be in your beauty night stand. The Argan oil is packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Carotenoids, Sterols, Polyphenols, Prostaglandins and other components that bring nourishment and protection to the skin.


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