Eat Your Way to Beautiful and Healthy Skin!

Been longing to get your skin radiant? If you are, then you should listen to the old adage “You are what you eat.” The skin is the largest organ of the human body so it only makes sense that what you feed our body with will affect your skin. While you may have a favorite skin care product that works well for your skin, nourishing it from within is still an essential key to achieving beautiful skin. In fact beautiful skin starts from proper nourishment.

The skin constantly sheds out older skin cells and replaces them with new ones. To keep this process of skin renewal going, your body should be receiving the essential micro-nutrients for this process. By eating the right balance of foods, you are able to feed the skin with the nutrients it needs to keep it soft, supple and free from blemishes.

How Do Fruits and Vegetables Benefit the Skin?

Free radicals are naturally occurring. Sunlight, pollution, smoke are some of the major things that cause free radicals. But as mentioned, free radicals are naturally-occurring. Even our own body produces low levels of free radicals. However, they start causing damage when they reach saturated levels. With most of the elements we are exposed to every single day producing free radicals, our skin can get some harsh battering and such constant battering will result to the early onset of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants that protect the skin cells from damage brought about by free radicals.

So if you want beautiful skin, start including fruits and vegetables in your meals. The more colorful they are the better. Betacarotene is a powerful antioxidant found in carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Leafy greens such as spinach and kale are loaded with lutein which is another potent antioxidant. Black currants, blueberries, kiwi fruits, oranges, guava, and strawberries are loaded with Vitamin C, which is another powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants available and avocados and nuts are loaded with this nutrient.

Make it a habit to eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables in a day.

Fats Benefit the Skin Too

You may be surprised to be reading this but fats do benefit the skin too. In fact, fats benefit your entire body? But aren’t fats unhealthy? For many years now, fats have been put in a negative light. However this is not fair as there are good or healthy fats. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are the healthy type of fats. They are found in avocados, fatty fish, nuts, and seeds. These fats provide essential fatty acids which are a natural moisturizer for the skin. These fats also contain a healthy level of Vitamin E which helps keep the skin protected from free radical damage.

Skin Care Is About What You Eat Too

Your skin care routine should not just revolve around products and treatments. You should also pay close attention to what you are feeding your body with. Eat a balanced diet and include the foods we mentioned in your meals and you’ll see a great improvement on your skin.

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