Eating for Your Nails and Your Overall Health

Did you know that when you consider the health of your nails into what you’re feeding yourself, you’re right in the healthy path? Many already know that what you choose to feed your body with can have a great impact on your overall appearance. If you’re being smart about your choices in foods you would most definitely look and feel great. When you start seeing that your nails are becoming brittle or they look not so right, you may want to check your eating habits and make necessary adjustments.

The nails may seem small and even some people regard them as just an accessory. Something that is not too important. The truth of the matter is the nails serve us a great deal of purpose. They are not just to scratch an itch, peel off stickers, pick up tiny objects or something to paint on, they actually also serve as a barometer to measure your overall health. If you have nails that are brittle and prone to breakage or cracks, this can indicate nutritional deficiencies. If vertical lines as well as ridges start showing on the nails, this can point to problems with nutrition. So if you would eat for the health of your nails, you would also then be eating for the health of your entire body.

Here are some nutrients essential for the health of your nails and your body’s overall health!

Iron should be a staple part of your diet. Iron is great for your nails, your blood and the whole circulatory system. Nails that break easily and are showing vertical ridges may indicate that your body is low on iron. To boost your iron intake, start including foods that are packed in iron such as liver, prunes, whole grains, molasses as well as leafy green vegetables. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in iron so for your snacks munch on these seeds instead of chips!

Protein is another nutrient essential not just for your nails but for your entire body. Most nail problems such as brittle nails point to protein deficiency. So check your meals and see if you are regularly consuming foods packed with protein. Meat, fish and poultry are loaded with protein. Animal products such as cheese and other dairy are as well great protein sources. There are also vegetables that are loaded with this essential nutrient. Some studies even point out that plant protein sources may be a more ideal choice since they usually have very low saturated fats. Some of the best plant protein sources are beans and legumes.

Essential Fatty Acids
Dry nails are prone to breakage, splitting and cracks. Essential fatty acids will help keep the nails moisturised. Essential fatty acids or EFAs are not just great for the nails they also benefit your cardiovascular, immune, reproductive and nervous systems. Salmon, trout, tuna, pumpkin seeds and nuts are some of the foods loaded with this essential nutrient!

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