Eating Habits That Can Age You

You should pay attention to your eating habits since what you eat affects your overall well-being, from your immune system, your skin, your bones and even your cognitive abilities. There are some eating habits that can make you look and feel older than your age. If you want to ensure a youthful you for many years to come, check out these bad eating habits you need to break.

Eating Habits that Make You Older

Here are some eating habits that you need to break since they bring more harm than good.

  • Too much red meat and too much full -fat dairy – It has been found out in a 2012 study conducted by researchers from Brigham and Women’s Health Hospital that saturated fats from red meat as well as full-fat dairy products cause the brain to age faster than any other type of fat. If you are fond of eating red-meat and dairy products, cut down your consumption of these saturated fats-packed foods and start eating foods packed with monounsaturated fats also known as the good fats. These foods include avocado, fatty fish, nuts as well as olive oil and culinary Argan oil. Monounsaturated fats are healthy for the brain and slow down the rate it ages.
  • Eating too salty foods – If you love salty foods, you should seriously consider abandoning you’re love for it since too much salt does much harm to your body. We’re not saying that salt is bad per se. It’s using too much of it that is. Salt can dehydrate your body and consuming too much of it can lead to kidney disease and high blood pressure. Eating too much of salty foods can also negatively impact bone metabolism. A high salt diet plus an inactive lifestyle can also compromise the cognitive health of older people.
  • Too much sweets – Too much sweets can age you. That is right. If you have a sweet tooth and you munch on loads of sweets most of the time, the effects of aging will show earlier on your skin. Sugar actually damages collagen and the result of such damage are wrinkles and sagging skin. Of course you can have a piece of cake every now and then but if you consume too much sugar everyday, you are bound to have wrinkles, fine lines and a saggy skin at an earlier age. Consuming too much sugar can also lead to diabetes, weight gain and impaired immune system.
  • Eating when stressed – Many of us turn to food for comfort when facing stressful situations. This bad eating habit can actually lead to obesity. When you eat when you are stressed, blood will be pushed away from your stomach and into your extremities. This in turn makes it harder for your body to break down foods and absorb nutrients effectively.

If you are guilty of any of these bad eating habits, start breaking the bad habit now.

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