Effective Anti-aging Tricks That You Rarely Hear or Read About

When you look for anti-aging advice these days, you would notice that it’s mostly about certain products or treatments that will help fight wrinkles, lines, and skin sagging. However, there are some effective anti-aging techniques and tricks aside from these things that will surely make you start wearing a youthful glow.

Anti-aging Techniques

  1. Relax, slow down and lead a saner life.
    There is no doubt that using the right products and minimizing sun exposure are crucial keys to keeping the skin young. However, here is another anti-aging technique that is just as effective. Relax, slow down and lead a saner life.According to research, when we are stressed out, the chemicals in our skin’s nerve endings called neuropeptides are released into the skin and triggers inflammation, which in turn, hastens the process of skin aging. To combat these stress molecules that cause the skin to age rapidly, take the time to relax and slow down.There are plenty of ways to relax your mind and body. A few minutes of quiet time, a massage, a warm bath, or having a laugh with friends and loved ones, are just a few things you can do to relax. So relax your wrinkles away and for sure you’ll feel like a million bucks!Here’s the simplest way to relax your mind and body – Catch your breath.Whenever we are rushing, our system goes into stress-reaction mode. The heart starts to race and blood pressure may go up. So take a moment to catch your breath. Susan Blum, MD, an assistant clinical professor of preventative medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City advises to take deep-breaths as this will stop your nerve endings from firing off damaging neuropeptides. So go ahead and catch your breath.
  2. Have more sex!
    No, this is not a joke. Sex actually releases beta endorphins and these beta endorphins protect the skin’s collagen. When you have sex, your body also releases oxytocin, which helps bring down the stress hormone, cortisol. Be sure to practice safe sex.
  3. Wash your face immediately after getting home.
    Do you usually skip your nightly anti-aging skin care routine after having a stressful and tiring day? Most women are guilty of this. And who could blame you. You probably just want to head straight to bed and get some well-deserved sleep instead of going through your nightly anti-aging regimen. What you can do is get on with washing your face right after getting home and start doing your anti-aging routine and not wait until bedtime.

These are just a few anti-aging techniques that will help keep your skin looking youthful.

Argan Oil is an Excellent Skin Care Product

If you are looking for an excellent anti-aging product, the Argan oil is a great pick. The oil is loaded with antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Carotenoids, and Ferulic acid therefore helping minimize the appearance of wrinkles. The oil is also loaded with nutrients having moisturizing properties such as essential fatty acids, sterols, and Vitamin E!

Apply the Argan oil regularly on your skin to experience its wonderful benefits!

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