Effectively Helping Nails Grow!

Nails are more of a peeve of women than of men. Women are the ones who obsess about how their nails look like, how long their nails are, how pretty the acrylic paint is on their nails. Well, for most women, long and beautiful nails are important. Some who prefer to wear their nails short also want neat looking and strong nails. Thus nail care and nail growth hold important roles in gaining the exact type of nails a person wants to achieve. In order to successfully achieve one’s nail goals, one needs to know more about the structure of the nails to discover ways on how to effectively help nails grow the way you want them to.

Small looking as they are, the nails have 9 important parts. The structure of the nails is composed of the following:

  1. Nail Wall – folds of the skin that touches your nails. Nail walls holds nails in place while protecting nail plate edges.
  2. Matrix – This portion lies directly below the cuticle. This part of the nail produces the nail plate. When this portion of the nail is damaged, the nail becomes deformed as it grows.
  3. Lanula – also known as the half moon, it is the whitish color crescent shape found in your nails.
  4. Nail Plate – this is the visible part of the nail that starts on the nail bed and ends on the free edge.
  5. Nail Bed – a continuation of the matrix, this portion is where the nail plates rest on.
  6. Free Edge – this is the portion of the nail that can be cut and filed. Shaping this portion of the nail is an important aspect of nail care for most women.
  7. Cuticle – an overlapping epidermis surrounding the nail, its main goal is to protect the matrix from various bacteria and physical damage.
  8. Hyponichium – found at the end of the finger, this is underneath the free edge.
  9. Nail Grooves – also known as furrows, this is found at the sides of the nails and acts as a guideline for nails to follow.

If you would want to make your nails grow healthily and beautifully, you need to make time to get to know its parts. Each part needs attention for it to grow as healthily as it can be.

Nail Problems

There are factors that may affect the growth of nails such as age, diet, and health problems. If any of these are a concern to you, you need to take extra care in dealing with your nails. To avoid these nail problems, one needs to find solutions. Better yet, preventing nail problems to occur is a better route to take.

Argan and Nails

Aside from making sure you have a healthy and balanced diet, regular application of argan oil will help maintain your nail’s pinkish color. Argan oil will also help nails grow faster, keeping it strong. Cuticles will also benefit from a few drops of argan oil as it will help keep cuticles soft. This oil is safe for every age bracket as it is an all natural product. Rich in nutrients, argan oil will help prevent and solve your nail problems, keeping nails beautiful and growing as you would want them to.

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