Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin

Essential oils are very useful in keeping our emotions and mental state well. Most people who use natural remedies believe that the roots, resins, plants, shrubs, herbs, nuts and trees that are used in making essential oils hold their very own life force energy. It is believed that it is this very life force energy that alters our negative emotional state into a desirable one.

The relaxing and calming effects of essential oils are backed up as well by Science. Most essential oils have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. The anti-inflammatories in essential oils help loosen tight and tired muscles therefore helping the body relax while the antioxidants found in the oils help repair damaged cells in the body allowing us to feel rejuvenated.

Aside from their relaxing and calming effects, essential oils also benefit the skin. The skin is the largest organ that we have and with its large size we should not deny it of attention and some good pampering. Essential oils have immense benefits for the skin. They can relieve pain and treat minor sunburns. They also repair damaged skin cells and rejuvenate them therefore giving mature or older skin a better tone.

The skin care industry has realized the powerful benefits of essential oil on the skin which is why there are numerous essential oils out in the market these days. Want to know which essential oils are worth paying for? Check out our list.

Essential Oils Worth Buying

  • The Moroccan Argan Oil – The beauty industry is in love with this oil. Lovingly dubbed as the liquid gold of Morocco, Argan oil helps keep the skin healthy, smooth and youthful. The oil is loaded with essential fatty acids, Sterols and antioxidants like Vitamin E, Polyphenols and Ferulic acid making it a potent moisturizer and an anti-aging wonder. Argan oil is also effective in fighting and controlling mild to moderate acne. Apply the oil to the skin just like the way you would a normal moisturizer.
  • Carrot Seed Oil – If spider veins is your main problem, the carrot seed oil can help. Just mix 2 drops of this essential oil with a tablespoon of vegetable oil and massage it to the area. Do this at least once a day and ideally before going to bed.
  • Bergamot Oil – Suffering from dry and chapped skin? You can bring your smooth skin back with just a few drops of Bergamot oil. Add a few drops of the oil to your mild and preferably unscented lotion. Lather to your skin generously every day and you’ll have a smooth and moisturized skin in no time.
  • Frankincense Oil – Smooth out your wrinkles and lines with frankincense oil. Just mix a few drops with a vegetable carrier and your anti-wrinkles potion is ready for use. Apply to face and neck then massage. It’s best to do this before bedtime.

These are just a few of the many essential oils that benefit the skin immensely.

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