Ever Grilled Fish on a Plank?

So you have accepted the fact that you are no grill guru. But this should not dissuade you from hosting a backyard barbecue party this summer season. It is never too late to develop your grilling skills. Grilling is actually quite easy and it can be even easier with the help of a plank.

Plank Grilling What?

Ever heard of plank grilling? The Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest were the first ones to do plank grilling or also referred to as planking. So what exactly is this? This is the method of cooking fish on wood over high fire. Not only is planking easy, it’s also quick and of course the whole difference would have to be on the taste. The fish is made tastier with the combination of falavourful elements such as smoke, wood and fire!

Where to Get Your Planks

You can find your grilling planks in cooking stores. You may also check out lumber shops and ask for planks that are untreated, kiln-dried and those called having a “furniture-grade”. Your best picks would be maple, cedar, alder, hickory, pecan and cherry. Have the plank cut to fit in your grill and make sure that it has an inch thickness.

Plank Grilling Tips

  • To get more flavour from plank grilling, have at least 1 cup of wine, citrus or apple juice added into the water for soaking.
  • Expect to have your flames flaring up suddenly so don’t panic. This is only but normal. The best thing to do is have a bottle of water near you so you can tame those flames.
  • It is best to pick salmon or trout for plank grilling. You can also use, wild striped, bass, bluefish and swordfish. Just remember that for plank grilling, it is always ideal to use fish having more sturdiness.
  • Do you always have this urge to flip whatever it is on the grill? If you do, you will need to restrain yourself and resist that eagerness to do the flipping. In plank grilling, you need to learn to just let the fish be.
So this summer, do not miss the chance of having to do plank grilling! If you are planning to hold a barbecue party in your background, you may even impress your guests with plank grilling. Not only will they be amazed with this traditional grilling method, once they bite into those plank grilled fish, they would even be more impressed!

Moroccan Argan Oil for More Flavour

You can also drizzle your plank grilled fish with a few drops of the culinary Moroccan Argan oil. This oil will add a nutty kick to your grilled fish plus it will also make the dish healthier! This Moroccan oil is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients that help keep the brain, body and heart healthy!