Ever Heard of Cosmeceutical Products?

If there is one industry in this world that continues to grow that would be skin care cosmetics. This is apparent with the multitude of choices in skin care products. Having such a lot of products to choose from makes it difficult and overwhelming for consumers and practitioners alike to make their pick.

There are some who are out to get only natural and 100% organic made skin care products while the rest are keen on finding what gives them the best results regardless of what potentially and known dangerous chemicals such products have in its ingredients.

Several new developments are rocking the world of skin care these days and these developments are particular with the cosmeceuticals industry. Those who are not too familiar with the term cosmecueticals may be wondering what this is all about. So what is cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals 101

The term cosmeceuticals come from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Therefore the cosmecueticals industry represents a marriage between these two. Cosmeceuticals are applied the same way as cosmetics. The only difference is that cosmeceuticals have ingredients that have an influence on the skin’s biological function. These ingredients make a whole lot difference on the appearance of the skin. They work in improving the skin’s appearance by giving the nutrients that are crucial to keep the skin healthy. Cosmeceuticals are formulated to improve skin tone, texture and radiance as well as minimize wrinkles.

Why Opt for Cosmeceuticals?

The cosmeceuticals industry has been breaking grounds in the world of skin care. Cosmeceutical products are formulated to give excellent results and at the same time safe to use. Numerous studies have shown that common ingredients found in cosmetics and popular skin care products have ill effects on the body and most of these chemicals actually work against the skin. Parabens are a group of chemicals that are popularly used in the cosmetics industry until now even though studies have shown that they suppress the skin’s immune system which results to the buildup of toxins. The cosmeceuticals industry is starting to change this making sure that cosmeceutical products work well with the skin and not against it.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and just like any organ that we have it needs proper nourishment to stay healthy and perform its functions properly. Vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients all play a crucial role in keeping the skin healthy according to dermatological science. And according to many studies done when vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients are applied on the skin in its proper form the results are very powerful.

Cosmeceuticals contain some synthetic ingredients since some of the most important ingredients for healthy skin needs to be in their synthetic form to provide positive results. They are often referred to as “enhanced natural ingredients”. Consumers should be aware that not all synthetic chemicals do harm. As with everything else, there are bad ones and good ones and with cosmeceutical products we find the good ones that aid in keeping the skin healthy.

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