Everyday Cancer Linked Products

You Should Take Cancer Seriously

Over a lifetime, people you know will certainly have someone close to them with cancer, or worse someone close to them dies because of this disease. This is because every human being is bombarded daily with dangerous cancer-causing toxins. What is scarier is that dangerous exposure could be from products used by millions of people in their daily lives. So apparently, cancer causing substances are not only from obvious harmful chemicals and solutions but are also from seemingly harmless everyday product. Let us then look into these everyday cancer linked products and be aware and prepared for them.


Talcum powder is a cosmetic product that is often used to help reduce diaper rash and in keeping skin dry. Used both by babies and by adults, talcum powder is said to increase the possibility of ovarian cancer when applied to the female genitals. Talcum powder particles found in different sanitary napkins, condoms, diaphragms, etc. could travel from the vagina up to the ovaries. If you want to keep your skin safe go with a safe alternative such as cornstarch which is not linked to cancer.


Very popular in Asian culture, salted fish is usually eaten during breakfast in a lot of Asian countries. Eaten with rice or mixed with vegetables, salted fish may be partly to blame for cancers of the nose, colon, and stomach. Not only these, eating salty foods such as salted fish are also linked with ovarian and prostate cancers. Avoid these by lessening the intake of salt and salty foods.


Drinking too much alcohol could spark various types of cancers in both men and women. Alcohol related cancers like cancers of the liver, colon, breast, and upper digestive tract could be prevented with alcohol self-regulation. Drinking less alcoholic drinks is not just good for your finances as alcohol is a lot more expensive than water, but it I also good for your health. Drink more H2O and less alcohol to prevent cancer.


If you are a woman, then you know the hardships of going through menopause. One of the solutions given for this stage in a woman’s life is hormonal replacement therapy in a form of a pill, or a patch, or a vaginal ring. These therapies could either be an estrogen product or a combination of estrogen and progesterone. Regardless though, studies show that the longer a woman takes these hormonal therapies the more chances of her having breast cancer. It is advisable then to take these hormonal replacement therapies the shortest possible time.


If you think your skin is safe with tanning beds, think again. Tanning beds emit harmful UV rays just like the sun does. And because one often has fake tans with the impression of keeping their skin healthy, more and more young adults are most likely to have melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. Avoid tanning beds and keep your skin healthy and protected from the sun to avoid skin cancers. Use natural moisturizers such as argan oil to give your skin the vitamins, minerals, and sun protection it needs.

Cancer causing products that are used on a daily basis are everywhere. It pays to do your homework and research on these products to avoid their consequences. Keep yourself and your body protected from cancer.

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