Excellent Ways to Stay Fit While Pregnant

A woman’s life is said to change when she gets pregnant. This change does not only come from physical changes but most important of all because of the growth of another human being in the body. Because of these, a pregnant woman should be more conscious about staying fit and healthy. She needs to do this for her own physical health and for the health of her unborn child. So what should a pregnant woman do? Here are some healthy ways on how a woman can stay fit while pregnant.

Weigh yourself regularly

A pregnant woman should always take note of her weight when pregnant. This would show how healthy your child is, if you are getting enough nutrients for two or if you are gaining too much weight. Normal weight gain is from 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. A woman should gain just about the right weight and not weigh too much.

Visit a doctor

It is vital for a pregnant woman to get checked up every so often when pregnant. This is to monitor the growth of the child and the health of both mother and child. It is also vital to consult a physician before entering any fitness program when pregnant.

Exercise regularly

After being given a go signal by a physician, make it a habit to exercise for about 30 minutes per day for about 4 – 6 days a week. Just do moderate exercise and remember to consult your physician. Moderate walking or water aerobics will be good for you and your child. Remember that as your pregnancy progresses your exercise varies. So make sure to ask your physician about what exercises fit you best.

Be conscious about what you eat

You and your baby need nutrients during these 9 months of pregnancy. Fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, calcium, vitamins, and minerals are all important. A well balanced diet is essential and avoiding alcohol and junk foods are also extremely important. Unhealthy habits such as cigarette smoking should totally be eliminated. There are certain nutrients that a baby needs for development. It is important for you to provide this to your baby while he or she grows in your body.

Argan oil for much needed nutrients

First of all 100% pure argan all is all natural. Nothing in it has been added that could potentially harm you or your baby. Second, argan oil is full of essential nutrients like vitamin E and antioxidants. Argan oil is good for 2 things. It is good as an added ingredient to food (culinary argan oil) and it is also good as a moisturizer for the mother’s tummy (cosmetic argan oil). Argan oil is known to prevent stretch marks that often come out when a person is pregnant. Using argan oil on the tummy will help prevent and remove stretch marks.

Fitness and good health should be given more importance when one is pregnant because one is not just looking out for her own body but for the health of the growing child within. Protect your body and your child with these healthy tips!

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