Exercises to Solve Your Love Handle Problems!

Caring for the skin is not just all about skin care products. Definitely they are helpful but a healthy lifestyle is also important. So follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Exercising regularly will not just result to a healthier but also a stronger immune system and healthier and toned body.

Most mature women have a problem in their mid-section. This is the body area where excess fat usually accumulate. Here are some exercises to tone down your mid-section.

Bye Bye Love Handles

If you are noticing that you’re having a hard time fitting into your favourite jeans, you should start taking some action! Start sweating out! Do exercises! The best exercises to say goodbye to that bulge in your waistband is those that let you work out numerous muscle groups all at once. Here’s a couple of exercises for your love handle problems! Make sure that you do these exercises at least 4 times a week.

The Squat to Slim Your Waist
Doing squats is great for toning the entire body and by adding on a chop and swing movement your abs will be worked out harder. This sets your heart rate to the roof which just means a quicker way for your body to zap fats!

Stand straigt with your feet apart and with your hands holding the tips of the dumbbell. Push your hips further back and lower to get into a squatting position. Start bending your arms and do the chopping motion taking the dumbbells across the body extending out your left hip. As you go to a standing position, start extending your arms and this time swing the dumbbell across to the right side of the body while turning your torso to your right, rotating the left hip and making your left heel pivot off the floor then go back to your squat position then do the chop once again. Make sure that your dumbbell is at your chest level while twisting and see to it that you tighten your abs while you’re swinging. Do 15 counts on each side. A nice workout to do after this squat is non-stop jumping jacks for a whole minute. Now this pair of exercises would definitely have your abs working real hard!

Bicep Curl to Banish Belly Fat
Most people who want to get rid of belly fat only focus on midsection exercises. You should also work other muscles of the body. Here’s an exercise that’ll work your legs and midsection and give you toned and stronger arms!

Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and put your weight on your right leg. Start extending your left leg to the side and point your toes. Start turning your torso to the left and pull your left knee over to the right arm while curling the dumbbell up. Untwist at a slow pace and then return to your starting position. While doing the twist and curl exhale and while untwisting, inhale. Do for 15 counts per side and then start jumping rope for a whole minute!

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