Exercises You Can Do To Reduce Stress

People nowadays are so susceptible to stress. From surviving the daily grind at work, doing various chores at home, dealing with irate people to the dizzying effects of global warming. Stress is pretty much everywhere.

One of the best ways to cope with stress is to actually sweat it out, literally. After a hard day’s work you deserve to give your body a healthy boost by stimulating those happy neurochemicals, the endorphins.

You can do these simple exercises in minutes and afterwards, reward yourself with a healthy salad drizzled with Argan oil. You can’t get any healthier than this!

Cardio Workout

One of the best ways to sweat it out is by doing cardio. These activities induce your heart and sweat gland to work double time. Activities like running, spinning and cycling are good forms of cardio exercises. Play upbeat and feel-good music while working out and you will instantly feel better. You can enroll in spinning classes or go solo running through the park. Whichever way you prefer, you will enjoy the same benefits in a matter of minutes.

  • The Mountain Pose – When you just can’t get away from the office and you feel like you are going to burst at any minute, take a deep breath and do the mountain pose. You can do this either by standing or sitting. Stand up straight or sit up straight on the edge of your seat then bring your hands over your head. Clasp your hands together and turn your palms upward, facing the ceiling. Hold this position for about a minute.
  • The Camel Pose – Another great way to heave tension out of your chest and hips is by doing the camel pose. Find an ideal surface where you can kneel comfortably. Kneel on the floor with legs apart. Tuck your toes and position your hands on the back of your hips. Then slowly bend backwards, allowing your chest and head to reach for the wall behind your back. Then stretch your hands back allowing them to come into contact with your heels. Then drive your hips forward to feel a good stretch. Hold this position for up to 45 seconds.
  • The Spinal Twist – Usually, the most stressed areas in the body are the neck, shoulders and lower back. To release tension from these areas, lay on your back and bring your knees towards your chest. Hold one knee near the chest and leave the other leg straight on the floor. Breathe deeply and direct your bent knee across your body, on the mat’s other side. Make sure that your shoulders are flat on the floor. Then look over on the side of your shoulder, same side as the bent knee. Again, bring both knees to your chest and do the same steps on the other side.

Remember, after these exercises, nourish your body by eating healthy food. You may opt for fresh vegetables and fruits in the form of salads or healthy grilled white meat for some protein boost. And instead of adding fancy dressing or dips, choose a more nutritious drizzle like Argan oil. Say goodbye to stress with all these healthful exercises and nutritious food.

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