Exfoliate: The Secret to Soft, Plump, and Kissable Lips

There Are Several Ways That Can Help You Keep Your Lips Kissable

That feeling of dry and flaky skin on your puckers can really be annoying and uncomfortable. Of course, what we want is a pair of soft kissable lips. The good news  is there are a number of ways to address this problem and prevent chapped lips in the future.  Here is one secret that can help keep your puckers plump and soft.

One Secret to Soft and Kissable Lips

Yes, a pair of soft, plump, and kissable lips can be achieved in one easy step. What’s the secret? Simple. Exfoliate your lips.

Lip Exfoliation

Exfoliate your lips. Yes, your lips need exfoliating too. Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate your lips. You can easily buy a lip scrub from beauty stores. Choose a gentle one as some can be too harsh that they irritate the lips and leave them cracked. There are even some that can cause a burning sensation. So be very careful when picking which lip scrub to use.

You may want to do a patch test first. Apply a tiny amount of the scrub on your lips and wait for a day to see if you develop any reaction. If you are on a tight budget or you prefer to go with natural remedies, brown sugar will do. Use a new toothbrush with soft bristles when applying the lip scrub. Toothbrushes made for babies seem to be the most ideal choice. Refrain from using an adult toothbrush as it comes with hard bristles which can actually make your lips even rougher than before. Certainly, you would not want that to happen.

DIY Lip Scrub

If you love DIY projects, you can concoct your own lip scrub using regular household items. Here’s a recipe for a DIY lip scrub that is just as effective as the commercial ones in making the lips soft and kissable. You only need 3 ingredients, which by the way are common kitchen items, to come up with your own lip scrub.

Ingredients You Need

  • Brown Sugar – You need just 1 tablespoon.
  • Honey – 1 tablespoon is enough.
  • Olive oil or Argan oil– You also need just 1 tablespoon.


This lip scrub is very easy to make. All you need to do is mix all of the ingredients up and voila! You have your very own homemade lip scrub. Remember to use a soft toothbrush in applying this DIY lip scrub. Rinse the scrub off with warm water and apply lip balm right after.

You can also use the Argan oil for lips instead of a lip balm. Argan oil is loaded with nutrients having moisturizing properties such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and sterols. Do you have any skin care tips for the lips? Share your ideas with us! Like our Facebook page and share this post to your friends!