Expecting a Baby? Read On!

So you got the good news! The test says positive! You’re having a baby! Caring for your health and wellness will be more important than ever, now that you have a bun in the oven. Expect to get a lot of advice from well, almost everyone. It’s not just your doctor who would be giving you advice, your parents, granparents, friends, colleagues and even strangers would give their take on what you should and should not do now that you’re carrying your bundle of joy.

Pregnant women should realise that the health of the baby they are carrying depends on them. It is really best to gather information on how you can keep your body healthy and your baby healthy too.

Prenatal Care is a Must

So how can one ensure that they are keeping their unborn child healthy? Well, the crucial factor here is prenatal care. Expecting mothers should see to it that they are regularly getting prenatal care. The very moment you think you might be pregnant, it is best to schedule an appointment with your doctor right away. Instead of pushing the thought aside, or waiting for other symptoms that would point to the confirmation of your pregnancy, have an examination scheduled right away once you think that there is a possibility you might be pregnant.

On your first visit to your health care provider, a pregnancy test will most probably be done and then your doctor would do a physical examination and ask you questions to figure out how far you are along the way. Your health care provider will use the information gathered from exams and answers you provide to give out an expected delivery date. Later on along the way, your doctor would suggest an ultrasound to confirm your date of delivery.

A constant visit with your doctor is important even if you are healthy. Even if you are in good health and there are no complications or risk factors, your doctor may ask to see you:

  • every 4 weeks until you are on the 28th week of your pregnancy
  • every 2 weeks until you reach your36th week of pregnancy
  • once in a week until you deliver the baby

Your doctor will be monitoring your weight, blood presure and also check on our baby’s growth and development during the entire time of your pregnancy. Expect that on your visits your doctor would feel your abdomen, take measurements of your belly and when you are in your second trimester the doctor would listen for the heartbeat of your fetus. Prenatal tests which would have blood, urine and cervical tests and at least an ultrasound would all be done during your pregnancy.

You can expect to experience changes on your skin and hair during your pregnancy and these changes are normal. To care for your skin and hair, natural products are best to use. Argan oil is a beauty product without any harmful ingredient that can harm you or your baby.

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