Extend the Youth of Your Skin by Ditching Bad Habits

Women who have reached their mid 20s suddenly become conscious about skin aging. Some even get too conscious and wrapped up in worrying about skin aging. The bad news is the more you worry about skin aging the faster your skin will start showing signs of aging.

When you want to prevent or at least slow down skin aging the last thing you want to do is stress about it. You should focus your attention more on things that can actually help. Did you know that there are habits that can be bad for the skin and hasten skin aging?

How confident are you that the lifestyle you are leading is actually great for the skin and helpful in preventing skin aging? Let’s take a closer look on the habits that can age the skin.

Habits that Rob Your Skin’s Youth

  1. Smoking cigarettes. If you smoke or if you are exposed to someone who smokes, your skin will be robbed years of its youth. This is because smoke from cigarettes actually decreases tremendously the levels of Vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C is known to keep the skin plump as well as moist. Cigarette smokes also produce free radicals which damage the skin.If you smoke, today is the best time to start quitting. Lessen the cigarette sticks you smoke everyday until you quit this bad habit altogether. If you don’t smoke it is better to stay away from friends, family or colleagues when they are smoking.
  2. Being under the sun unprotected. If you are always outdoors and under the sun without sun protection then your skin will start aging dramatically. Make it a habit to lather on sunscreen lotion at least 15 minutes before leaving indoors. Use a sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 15 or even higher.
  3. Unhealthy eating habits. If pizza, cheeseburgers, French fries and other greasy food are your meals everyday, then don’t be too surprised if your skin starts showing signs of skin aging. Stick to a healthy diet so that your skin cells are well nourished and can regenerate, replenish and repair damaged skin cells.It is best to stick to a balanced meal of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and fibres. Include dark leafy greens and fruits in your meals. Include salmon, mackerel or tuna in your meals as the fats from these fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are great for the skin.
  4. Too much alcohol consumption. Alcohol actually dries out your skin and gives your skin a dull complexion. You have been seeing the line that says drink moderately but you still drink like a fish. This is absolutely bad for your skin and bad for your overall health.
  5. Not moisturising the skin daily. Your skin loses its natural moisture everyday from washing, sweating and being exposed to the elements. This is the reason why you need to apply moisturiser to the skin everyday. Your best choice in skin moisturisers is Argan oil. The Argan oil is super loaded with components that moisturise and prevent skin aging.

These are just some of the habits that contribute to skin aging. If you want to keep your skin looking and feeling young throw out these bad habits now.

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