Fab Hair Care Tips for Fall

Summer is over, and for those of us who live in the colder, winter-prone places, there’s hat hair to worry about from the snow caps and ear muffs.

Still, winter is still a couple of months away so what are we to do this autumn?

First off, autumn is usually a good time to repair any damage our hair has sustained after constant exposure to the sun. This is when you start noticing the state of your hair cuticles, not to mention the possible increase in split ends.

While you’d been living large in the sun, your hair spent time taking the brunt of exposure to ultraviolet rays and heat. No wonder post-summer hair tends to look a bit… limp.

Time for some major hair damage control!

You’ll need to make some adjustments in your present hair care regimen to make up for the present state of hair, and also because the change in temperature will warrant a certain adjustment period for your hair.

Go back to basics by washing your hair thoroughly.

Days at the beach and the pool will dry your hair out from the constant soaking in saltwater and chlorine.

If possible, skip on shampoos heavily laden with extra chemicals and go for milder products.

You can even skip on commercial products altogether and opt instead for more natural alternatives, such as fresh aloe vera gel and Argan oil.

Aside from removing physical debris from hair strands, washing your hair in the right natural extract (with lots of antioxidants) will remove any lingering toxins as well.

Get to the root of the problem (pun intended) by including your scalp in your hair care regimen as well. The scalp shouldn’t be allowed to dry out either, and it’s recommended that you keep the washing to a minimum to allow natural oil production to run its course.

While Argan oil and aloe vera gel do wonders for moisturizing, the body’s natural oils are what primarily give hair its sleek look. Also consider that autumn, while much cooler than summer, also entails cold winds and humidity, both of which play a role in dehydrating hair.

This is why proper and religious moisturizing in the fall season cannot be emphasized enough, and a nourishing mask is often recommended at the end of each week.

In addition, just because it’s not sunny doesn’t mean that ultraviolet rays don’t filter through an overcast sky. They do. Wear a hat outdoors and try to protect your hair from too much UV ray exposure.

If you notice your hair falling out more than usual in the autumn months, schedule a hair mask for your hair to help remedy UV-damaged strands, ideally done once every week.

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