Fab To Drab In Just 4 Easy Steps

For many women, our hair is a source of constant frustration. We grow it out, only to get tired of it and cut it short again. One month we may be blonde, only to go brunette a few months later. From day to day, we may curl our hair to give it some volume and wave, or straighten our hair to make it sleek and sexy. All that abuse causes damage to our hair, leaving it looking dull and prone to breaking and split ends. With all this change and damage to our hair, what can we do to keep our hair looking shiny and glamorous?

There are many tricks of the trade to keep our hair looking its best, and knowing the steps to take are key. Understanding the source of the damaged hair is essential, as is changing our hair routine to minimize damage, understanding repair tips, and knowing the right tools to fix the damage. In this article, we will give you the tips you need to keep your hair looking just as fabulous as you are.

  1. First up is understanding the source of your damaged hair. Broken down simply, what is it about your daily routine that causes your hair to look a mess? If the damage is a result of over-processing, this can be fixed by moisturizing and protecting your hair. If the damage is caused by heating instruments, such as a straightener, it can be fixed as well. Understanding your damage factors is crucial to the repair of your hair, as it gives you a starting point for repairing.
  2. Once you have identified your hair stressor – change it up! Continuing to straighten your hair or touch up your highlights every month will only add to the damage already started. You will want to limit chemical treatments to your hair, including hair dye, to once every 8 to 10 weeks. In between these chemical treatments, you can use the Moroccan oil , Argan oil to help protect and strengthen your hair. Strengthening your hair with these oils will help prevent follicle breakage and will also help hold the color better once you are able to safely dye your hair again.
  3. While you give your hair a reprieve from chemical treatments, find hair care products which will help restore your hair to its former glory, such as the Argan oil mentioned above. Ultimately, you will want to find a hair care product which gets to the core of each hair strand and replenishes it directly from the inside out. Argan oil is a great method for this, due to the essential fatty acids contained in the oil. A product such as H2Ion will help moisturize your hair as well as repair the damage.
  4. Finally, you will want to make sure you have the proper tools to keep your hair looking best. If you frequently put your hair up in a pony tail, you will want to make sure you are only using elastic hairbands. Using plan rubber bands is one of the easiest ways to damage your hair and cause split ends, therefore it is important to make sure you use proper hairbands. A wide-tooth comb is also a great tool to have, as it helps single out each strand and gets through knots in a snap.

In just four easy steps, you can bring your hair from drab to fab and be armed with the techniques to keep it looking fabulous. Always remember, hydrating your hair is your friend and treating it with Argan oil is a great way to keep your hair sleek and stylish. Want to know an insider secret for using this Moroccan oil? Add a few drops in your hand, apply directly to wet hair, and start scrunching away. Once dried, your formerly straight hair will now have body and waves simply from using a tiny bit of this aragon oil.

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