Fabulous Hair at Home

Fabulous Hair Can Be Worn Especially At Home

Wearing a fabulous crowning glory everyday is within your reach even if you are under a tight budget. Many of us think that we would need to spend hundreds of dollars in a high end salon to achieve that beautiful hairstyle we often see in movie stars and famous celebrities. This is actually not true at all.

You already have the tools at home. It’s a matter of knowing how to use it. Having a fabulous hair do with just DIY tricks is certainly something that many still think is impossible. But some of us have actually pulled off stylish hairstyles without stepping inside a salon. So set aside your pessimism first and try these DIY tricks. You will soon find yourself stepping in a salon less and less. Lesser trips to salons means more money in your pocket!

At Home Hair Styling

DIY bed head hair

If you’re a fan of the bed head Victoria bikini models look, try this. Shampoo your hair preferably with the volumizing type. It is better not to apply conditioner to the hair if you want them to be all poofy. Towel dry your hair. While still damp, smother a mousse to lock in the volume, focusing on the roots of your hair. Flip your head upside down and continue drying your hair with the blow dryer. Scrunch it as well while on the process of drying. Lastly, apply a few mist of hairspray to hold the volume throughout the day.

DIY wavy beach hair

Wash your hair the night before your beach hair day with a volumizing shampoo. While it is still damp, apply mousse and dry your hair some more. If you have those sea salt water (from the actual sea or a product over the counter), better spray some on your hair while it still damp, then section your hair into two and French braid your hair before going to sleep. You’ll wake up with those lovely locks! Just comb your hair using your fingers and set it with a serum. The Moroccan Argan oil is best for taming that frizzy hair.

DIY straight hair

If you want to opt for the more sophisticated younger look, try having a straight hair. You would need the help of a hair iron on this one though. Wash your hair with a straightening shampoo. It is important that you apply a conditioner to reduce the risk of hair damage. Rinse. It is advisable to put a thermal protecting product before using the iron. Then blow dry your hair. Section your hair and let only ¾ or less of it hang loose. Carefully clip those strands tightly in between the iron. Let it slide 2 inches away from the roots to the tip of your hair. You could slide it more than once but never let the iron sit on your hair for more than 3 seconds. After you finish with the last strand, apply an anti-frizz product like the Moroccan Argan oil.

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