What’s The Right Order To Wash Your Face?

From when you were a small child, your parents probably taught you about the importance of caring for your skin. That fact doesn’t change as you grow into the senior years. In fact, proper cleansing techniques are critical for anti-aging priorities.

You’re well-aware of face-cleansing rituals, but do you understand the right steps? Discover the exact guidelines to follow as you wash and treat your face with the best products around.

Clean Your Skin

Always start with clean skin so that any topicals can swiftly move into the deeper layers. Use your favorite, mild cleanser as you gently run finger circles across the cheeks, nose and forehead. Follow these insider tips to continue with your cleansing session, such as:

• Spending about 30 seconds on each area

• Concentrating on the jawline and T-zone

• Patting the face afterward

Never rub your face with a washcloth or other item. Your skin will only react with inflammation, which leads to premature aging.

Tone The Surface

Toners are normally used to balance the pH on your skin along with closing those open pores. These liquid products also offer other benefits, including:

• Vitamin additives

• Nutrient boosts

Use a cotton ball or pad to apply the toner to your problem areas, such as the T-zone. Allow the liquid to absorb into the skin before moving onto another step. This step is often overlooked, but it can work wonders for most complexions.

Moisturize With Argan Oil

One of the best things you can do for your skin is applying argan oil to it. Found in a Moroccan nut, argan oil has anti-aging properties that significantly contribute to your beauty regimen. This oil contains several key substances, such as:

• Sterolins

• Vitamin E

• Unsaturated fatty acids

Once your toner absorbs into the skin, apply argan oil afterward. It works as a moisturizer, which rejuvenates the skin. In fact, argan oil works at the cellular level to improve organelle metabolism that generates new cells. Your face will ultimately have fresh skin that constantly exfoliates away from the body as you use essential, argan oil.

Treat Your Eyes

It’s possible to apply pure, argan oil underneath your eyes because it’s non-irritating. However, you might try a different product that’s cream based. Apply the eye cream so that you reduce these unsightly problems, such as:

• Bags under the eyes

• Darkened skin

• Wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes

Most eye creams work best at night when you can sleep with the product on. Try a subtle, eye cream in the morning as you apply your makeup too. Some products are invisible so that you can have an eye treatment throughout the day.

Do you have a beauty tip that complements this step-by-step process? Share your expertise with others by writing it down in the comment section below. Cleansing your face the right way will only fight off those aging effects and brighten your complexion.