Facial and Body Care for the Winter Season

It Is Important To Keep Our Skin Healthy During The Cold Winter Season

Winter can be harsh on the skin. The substantial decrease in humidity will ensure dry skin all over your face and body. This could lead to scales and even cracks in the skin. The worst part is that the cracks could become wounds which are annoyingly painful.

The good news is that there are ways for you to deal with this winter problem. Several facial and body care treatments can be done to fight the effects of the cold.

Steps to Combat the Bad Effects of the Cold

  • Moisturize your FaceYou may be already too familiar with moisturizers. So have one ready this winter. The key ingredients that your moisturizer should have are vitamin E and antioxidants. These 2 are the vitamins that help cellular regeneration in the skin keeping it healthy and glowing.One good moisturizer is the famous Argan oil. Not only does it have twice the amount of vitamin E than olive oil it also contains antioxidants and other skin essentials. This makes the oil effective in trapping moisture into the skin keeping it from drying. It also helps get rid of clogged spores.

    Contrary to popular belief, applying oil on the face will not make your skin oily instead it will help regulate the sebum which then reduces pimples and acne. Using moisturizers for your face will protect the skin from scaling and cracking. It will also keep it nourished making your face look healthy and beautiful this winter season.

  • Moisturizing the Skin all over your BodyLotions with moisturizing ingredients are the safest bet to keep your body from getting dry. The parts to focus more are your hands, feet, shoulders and knees. This is because the skin in these areas is thinner and will easily crack when dry. The sole of the foot is an area of concern since the cracks could lead to wounds. However, too much moisture could lead to eczema. This means that you have to balance the application of moisturizers.A good natural moisturizer to use for the body is Argan oil. Not only will the oil help keep moisture in the skin, the antioxidants found in it will be absorbed making the skin healthy. This is because the skin cells will gain fluidity and nourishment that will help the skin regenerate. The oil also softens the skin which is good for areas like the sole of the foot and the shoulders. This will prevent cracks from happening.
  • Additional MeasuresYou could also use gloves and mittens to protect the skin on your hands. This is due to the fact that the skin in our hands is thinner than the other areas. This makes it easy for the skin to lose moisture. Do this after applying moisturizers to keep the moisture in your hands longer than being exposed to low humidity.Also use a humidifier to compliment your use of moisturizer. Also remember to drink lots of water. This will provide moisture from the inside which is as important as the topical ones.

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