Nail Fungal Infection Can Be Dangerous

Factors That Put You at High Risk of Nail Fungal Infection

We don’t often think about the health of our nails. But if we keep on ignoring our nails and we forego practicing proper nail care, they can get infected.

Fungi: Nails’ Worst Nightmare

Fungi are your nails worst nightmare. The nail fungi called dermatophytes are invisible to the naked eye. Aside from this they are able to survive in various types of environment and they thrive, multiply and spread quickly.

Warm and moist environments are a favorite of most fungi. They thrive in bathrooms, poolside, locker rooms, gyms, yoga studios and many other places where people go barefoot.

How One Gets Nail Fungal Infection

Anyone can get a nail or toenail fungal infection. Those who practice unsanitary nail grooming is at very high risk and this is usually how nail or toenail fungal infection happens.

The areas in and surrounding the nail beds of the hands and feet should be kept clean to minimize one’s risk of getting nail fungal infection. Simply using a manicure or pedicure tool that is already contaminated can spread the fungus from one person to another.

There are also some practices that make fungal infection spread easily. One very common mistake is filing an infected nail and then using the same nail file on nails that are not infected. To avoid the spread of fungal infection, it is best to use your own manicure and pedicure tools and have an extra set of tools meant to be used on infected nails only.

You should also see to it that all your nail tools are cleaned and washed regularly.

One can also get fungal nail infection from simply being exposed to the fungi. This is most especially when one has tiny cuts and abrasions on their skin, nails or cuticles. These microscopic cuts and abrasions are huge enough for nail fungi to enter.

If you are always or often in humid, moist and warm environments, it is best to take precaution and take up preventative steps such as the use of anti-fungal treatments to reduce your chances of getting nail or toenail fungal infection.

It is also best to keep the feet and hands well hydrated so that the skin does not turn dry and crack which can create a likely situation for skin fungus to thrive. Skin fungus infection can easily turn into a nail fungus infection. If you have been wearing artificial nails, it may be time to reconsider.

Artificial nails damage the nail plate. You may not be aware of the damage already done since these damages are microscopic or cannot be seen by the naked eye. The damages to the nail plate can become fungi’s entry point. Some people are just more at risk of getting fungal nail infections because of their immune systems.

Some people just don’t have immunity to the nail fungus which makes them very vulnerable to get the infection.


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