Facts about Vitamin E and What It Does For Your Skin

It is a well known fact that a healthy diet does wonders for your body including your skin. Fruits and a regular serving of green leafy vegetables are needed to have the body you have always dreamed of. What is not as popular though is vitamin E and what it can do for you, your body, and your skin. Undeniably an important nutrient, vitamin E is one of the top vitamins needed to fight premature skin aging. Knowing these skin facts and how vitamin E can help your skin will help you maintain, regain, or get that youthful skin.


One of the easy tell-signs of aging is wrinkles. Unwanted lines that show up in your face when you age give your age away. Sometimes, wrinkles even make you older than you really are. Aside from natural aging though, other factors like damage done by free radicals, improper skin care, drinking, and smoking contribute tremendously to wrinkles. Vitamin E prevents damage made by free radicals and other factors thereby lessening wrinkles. It also helps to boost collagen production which keeps the skin elastic. It also promotes skin growth and speeds up skin regeneration – two factors important in preventing wrinkles.


Scars could bring insecurities and self consciousness to a person depending on how deep and noticeable a scar is. Brought about by different factors such as surgeries, burns, and wounds – scars may take different shapes and sizes. Free radicals also does harm to your scars by preventing healing. That is why vitamin E is great for your scars. Vitamin E does wonderfully as it blocks free radicals from doing greater harm to scars. Vitamin E’s promotion of skin regeneration also helps heal scars faster.

Brown Spots

Also brought about by skin aging, brown spots appear on your face and skin. Weather and too much exposure to sunlight also damage skin and bring forth brown spots. Vitamin E can help by lightening the dark spots for you and eventually heals them. It does this by lubricating the cell membranes of the skin and by encouraging cell regeneration.

Acne scars

Brought about by pimples that have dried up but have left dark scars on your skin, acne scars can also become embarrassing for many. Acne scars whether on your face, back, chest, or any part of your body can bring you discomfort. Similar to how it helps resolve wrinkle, scar, and brown spot problems, vitamin E can also help lighten and remove acne scars. With its strong components, vitamin E encourages lightening of your acne scars faster than its normal pace. It also encourages faster skin growth to help heal the acne scar right away.

Argan oil and vitamin E

Argan oil is an oil that comes all the way from Morocco. It is an all natural product that contains very high concentrations of vitamin E. So if you have skin problems such as those mentioned above, argan oil can help you. A few drops of this oil massaged through your skin daily will give your skin much needed vitamin E. Argan oil will surely help in resolving your various skin problems, making you look young and fresh.

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