Fancy Pan-Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried chicken is something that many of us love to eat. But sometimes fried chicken can get boring. If you are tired and bored with the same old fried chicken, you can fancy up your fried chicken dish! Use buttermilk batter and have polenta, spinach and tomato jam as sidings. Drizzle this fancy fried chicken with Moroccan Argan oil to make your dish healthier!

Fancy Pan-Fried Chicken

To start off, here are the things you would need! This recipe serves for four people!


  • Chicken Breast Halves – You will need four pieces. Make sure to remove the skin and bones.
  • Cherry Tomatoes – You only need a pint. You can also substitute cherry tomatoes with grape.
  • Brown Sugar – You would only need a tablespoon.
  • Polenta Mix – You would only need about 3/4 cup of quick cooking polenta mix.
  • All-Purpose Flour – All you need is 1/3 cup.
  • Buttermilk – Half a cup of buttermilk is all you would need.
  • Fresh Spinach – Grab a 9-ounce pack of fresh spinach.
  • Olive Oil – You would need about 3 tablespoons.
  • Moroccan Argan oil – You would only need 1-2 teaspoons of this healthy oil to drizzle over the dish before serving.
  • Salt – About 1 1/2 teaspoons is enough.
  • Pepper – You would need about 1/2 teaspoon.


  • Step 1. With a knife pierce the tomatoes and place them in a bowl safe for microwaving then sprinkle the tomatoes with brown sugar. Place the bowl of tomatoes in the microwave and cook with a loose cover for about 3 minutes on the maximum setting. Once the skin of the tomatoes burst open or once they are soft, give them a stir and set the bowl aside.
  • Step 2. Boil 2 1/2 cups of water with 1 teaspoon of salt in your saucepan. Once boiling, stir in the polenta mix. Lower your heat and cook for 5 more minutes. You would need to do some occasional stirring.
  • Step 3. Get your shallow dish and combine flour, salt and pepper. Get another dish for the buttermilk. Dip your chicken pieces in buttermilk and then roll them on flour to be coated.
  • Step 4. With medium high heat, heat 3 tablespoons of Olive oil. Put in the chicken and cook each side for 4 minutes or until no pink remains.
  • Step 5. On the same pan, cook your spinach until they are wilted. Remember to drain first pan drippings before cooking the spinach in the pan.
  • Step 6. Place the chicken in a serving dish with spinach, polenta and tomato jam as sidings. Remember to drizzle chicken with Moroccan Argan oil before serving!

This fancy chicken dish is so easy to make and is sure to make your appetite grow!

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