Fight Aging By Being in Style!

Just because the years are piling on, it doesn’t mean that you’ll need to completely give up on style. Browse through the following awesome tips on how to look fashionably younger!

Go for flat pants
Unfortunately, if you want to look younger, lose the pleats—they’re definitely not the way to go. Flat-front pants are good for making your legs look longer, and also giving the impression of a flatter and slimmer stomach. Flat pants also make you look better proportioned.

Expose some skin
Roll up your sleeves (literally) by exposing the thinnest part of your arm, which is generally from your wrist to your elbow. This makes you look a bit more slender. Opt for sleeves that cover just three quarters of your arm (or less), or full length sleeves that you can fold back and roll up to further emphasize your arms.
Your shoulder is also a good place to bare some skin, as it’s a part of the body that doesn’t age as fast as the others. Wear a boatneck blouse to keep it in view, or if you have a nice bust, show it off with V-necks.

Pick the right bra
The right bra is neither too tight nor too loose. The latter can result in the back of the bra lodging upward, leading to the sagging of breasts and also emphasizing back fat. Remember though, that your bra should not be all about preventing back fat. A good bra should also provide adequate support.

Slim your legs
Cover your legs in a tinted body moisturizer, or a glow-tinged bronzer that’ll throw the light strategically, making it look like your legs are slimmer. The bronzer also hides spider veins, and then balances out the color. Add the Argan oil in the picture for a healthy, anti-aging touch, and you’re good to go. Moisturizing the skin daily with Argan oil will help keep your skin healthy and youthful as it is packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and many other nutrients that love the skin. Now this is a beauty heads up you’d love!

Go for tall
Want legs that go on forever? Take care to match your shoes, panty hose, skirt, and pants. Darker colors will make your legs look thinner and keep the focus off large feet and ankles, though nude-colored shoes and nude pantyhose can do the trick too.

Spice up jeans
Time to let go of your love for baggy sweatpants or at least love them a little less. Use jeans to highlight your better physical assets, keeping in with today’s straight or bootleg styles. A dark color of jeans will also elongate your legs. Keep your belly in check with jeans that close right below your navel. Pair it up with loose, comfortable blouses that don’t highlight tummy. Try body shapers that keep your torso looking nice and tight, or a push-up bra to help with your bodily proportions.

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