Fight Off Wrinkles with Foods Having Anti-aging Prowess

When doctors said that we can look beautiful by eating the right kinds of food, I didn’t know they meant food may be even better than anti-aging products and supplements in the market. In case you’re just as shocked as me, yes, it is true.

Doctors insist skin care products and supplements serve as complements to our food, not the other way around. Nutrients from topical creams, they explain, often don’t get absorbed by the skin fully unlike those from ingested food. Supplements, on the other hand, still can’t provide the same amount of nutrients and benefits from our everyday meals.

If, like me, you’ve already decided to straighten your priorities, better grab a pen and paper now. Include the following in your grocery list and boost your body’s natural anti-aging abilities.

Moroccan Argan Oil

The cosmetic Argan oil has been in the center of anti-aging talks recently. The reason? This miracle oil from Morocco has been said to cause cell regeneration which is a process that is very critical if you want to stay and feel young. And the culinary Argan oil does the same! Also known as the liquid gold, this oil is packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins that our cells need. As we grow old, our cells often get replaced by weaker cells. This is why we age and this is why feel and look our old age as well. By feeding new cells with the nutrients they need and even more, regeneration occurs. in case you’re wondering how to take advantage of this oil’s benefit, drizzle this on top of your salad or roasted chicken just before serving.


Just like Argan oil, blueberries are packed with antioxidants that are just as critical to ward off aging. Free radicals steal from our healthy cells, making us age faster. Antioxidants provide these free radicals with what it needs before it steals from our cells.

Chocolate Milk

Yes, chocolate milk is not just for your kids. Drink cocoa beverage rich in flavanoids daily and you’ll soon see an increase blood flow to the skin. You’ll notice that your skin will look more hydrated as well, with decreased traces of roughness and scaling.

Strawberries, Guava and Kiwi

Three very different tasting fruits that provide one common, critical vitamin in the fight against aging — VItamin C. A study has shown that Vitamin C-rich foods can lead to less wrinkles and dryness.


Not all can appreciate oysters but everything can be learned, right? Better get your taste buds accustomed to these wonderful sources of zinc. Zinc is very important for collagen production. In case you don’t know what collagen does, it gives our skin form and structure. Without it, skin will sag.

Tomato Paste

Tomato in itself is already rich in lycopene. But studies have shown that cooked tomatoes do even more by boosting absorption of lycopene which helps protect skin from sun damage.

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