Fighting Dry Skin With Argan Oil

A Great Looking Skin Is Properly Moisturized

As the temperature starts getting cooler, dry skin will again be the problem of many. All that sun, surf and sand can also have that drying effect on the skin. If you have had too much summer fun, dry skin should no longer be a surprising consequence.

The fall season offers no refuge for your skin. Yes, the intense summer heat, the sand and the surf will no longer be your major concerns but the drying winds and the gradual drop in temperature that the fall season brings will be. These are the elements of the current season that would dry out your skin.

So how can you prevent your skin from drying out this fall? And if your overindulgence the past summer season has already caused your skin to dry out, what can you do to bring back your soft and smooth skin? Once you have recovered from summer damage, how would you be able to prevent the fall season from giving your skin yet another “drying” blow?

How the Skin Becomes Dry

Before anything else, one would need to understand how the skin becomes dry. Most people believe that dry skin happens because the skin lacks oil. This is not true. The truth is, dry skin is actually because of the skin’s inability to retain moisture or water. The best way to keep the skin moisturised is practice the soak and seal routine. You should know the best time to moisturise the skin and use a potent skin moisturiser.

There’s an Ideal Time for Moisturising the Skin

Most people suffer from dry skin even when they regularly love their skin with a moisturiser because they fail to apply the moisturiser at the most ideal time. So when is it best to apply moisturiser? Right after stepping out of the shower, after patting your skin dry, apply your moisturiser right away. It is important to note that the skin would still be a bit damp at this time and that is exactly the perfect time for you to give your skin a good moisturising loving.

Argan Oil: An Excellent Skin Moisturiser

You’ll find powerful moisturising effects in the Moroccan Argan oil. This oil contains numerous nutrients that will keep the skin well hydrated therefore well protected from the drying effects of all the four seasons. What makes the Argan oil a potent skin moisturiser? The answer is in its components. Its high levels of Vitami E, which is a nutrient known also for its moisturising properties help keep the skin soft and smooth. Its essential fattt acids also with a potent moisturising properties do exactly the same and lock in moisture. Sterols in the oil help lock in the moisture by providing the skin with a thin film of coat therefore preventing water from escaping or evaporating.

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