Fighting Wrinkles with Food

Having wrinkles is definitely a sign of aging. There’s no denying it, when lines start to appear on your face and under your eyes, one begins to worry. Panic sometimes even sets in and buying beauty products seem to be the next best step. Which products do you buy? Which products work? Are expensive products sure to work? Can your wrinkles disappear with different anti-aging creams? Who knows. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of beauty products that offer to resolve your aging problems. Do all of them work? Probably not. This is the reason why fighting wrinkles with food makes more sense. You’re not paying a lot of money for food and if they don’t work, at least you know your body is healthy.

So here are some sure ways to fight wrinkles:

  • More servings of fruits and vegetables please. When free radicals invade your body, they attack your collagen and elastin thereby destroying your skin. Fight off free radicals with antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals which could be found in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables also give out loads of vitamin C that helps produce new collagen.
  • Eat more of those whole grains. Bread made from 100% whole grains are good to eat any time of the day. Usually eaten for breakfast or lunch though partnering it up with a healthy turkey breast will do your body a lot of good. Other whole grains include whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and barley. Whole grain carbs that come from whole grain products are essential in keeping the sugars in the body at a normal level. Not only this, whole grains are also rich in zinc and selenium which are wonderful for building more collagen and eradicating elastin damaging free radicals.
  • Have more argan oil. Oil? Isn’t oil bad for you? Not argan oil. You see, argan oil is an all natural product that is rich in components good for the body. Argan oil has loads of antioxidants, vitamin E, essential fatty acids like oleic acids that are all anti-aging substances. That is why having more of this good oil added to your meals will keep you young looking. You may have this oil on your salads, add them to bread, use them as dip, and you can use them to cook your food too. Argan oil is not only healthy but it is also delicious. Taken from roasted nuts of the argan tree, argan oil has that same good flavor. So stay healthy and look young with argan oil.
  • Have more lean protein. Protein is essential to a healthy living. It is important to find out which foods give out lean protein though. Some of the best sources of lean protein are fish, beans, tofu, lentils, chickpeas, and skinless white-meat poultry like a skinless turkey breast.

Know what you should and should not eat to fight off wrinkles and aging. You don’t have to be old to start doing this, starting early will be even more beneficial. Look young and feel young with these wrinkle fighting food!

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