Find out if You are Harming Your Skin with Your Care Regimen

One Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Skin Beautiful Is To Drink Plenty Of Water

There are things that you do and don’t do that can actually harm your skin. Read and go through the things listed below to see if your skin care regimen is actually doing more harm than good.

Are you harming your skin with your care regimen?

  1. Do you refuse to moisturise your face using oil? Most women refuse to let oil touch their faces. This is most especially if they have the oily skin type. But did you know that oil can actually do your skin good? Applying oil on your skin can actually lower down the production of oil by your skin. This sounds more of a contradiction doesn’t it?Here’s how it works. When you overdo washing and cleaning your face this will prompt your sebum glands to produce more oil replacing what you have washed off. Applying oil to the skin will do just the opposite. Be sure to use Argan oil. Argan oil not only moisturises the skin but also prevents skin aging. This oil also contains antioxidants that protect the skin from the dangerous effects of exposure to UV rays and free radicals.
  2. Do you only apply sunscreen lotion when going to the beach? You should stop this practice and start using sunscreen lotion every time you are going to be under the sun. We are talking about simply going out of your house. Remember to apply sunscreen lotion at least 15 minutes before stepping out of your door.
  3. Do you wash your face more than twice a day? If you do then you are robbing your skin of its essential oils causing your skin to dry out. As mentioned earlier it also will cause your skin to compensate and produce more oil. Doing this can result to oily or dry skin.
  4. Do you use hot water when taking a bath or taking a shower? Doing this will strip off your skin of its natural oils that serve as its moisturiser. This will cause your skin to dry out. You should bathe or shower with lukewarm water and not scalding hot. Limit your bathing or shower time to 15 minutes maximum. Do not wait for your hands to prune before you step out of the bath or shower.
  5. Are you patting yourself dry or rubbing your skin with your towel to dry out? Patting dry your skin is friendlier than rubbing your towel against the skin. The skin needs to retain some of its moisture and rubbing your skin dry will rob out your skin its essential oils which result to dry and rough skin.
  6. What type of cleanser do you use? First of all do you even have an idea what your skin type is? For dry skin it is best to use mild cleansers with moisturiser. For oily skin the best cleanser to use is clear based cleanser. Never use soaps on your face as this will only dry out the skin on your face.

So are you doing your skin more harm than good with your skin care regimen? Be sure to stop practicing your habits that actually damages your skin.

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