5 Signs of Aging Skin and How to Fight Them

If you think aging skin is inevitable, think again. As you grow older, your skin does not have to show the passing of time. You have the opportunity every day to improve the strength and appearance of your skin. You simply need to know where to look for signs of aging and how to fight them.

1. Fine Lines

The first lines around the eyes and mouth is more indicative of dehydration than age. Skin needs plenty of moisture, both inside and out. A simple fix for fine lines is drinking plenty of hydrating fluids. Water is always best. Likewise, avoid excessive consumption of those beverages that can be dehydrating, like alcohol and sugary sodas.

Drinking water alone will not properly hydrate skin. You must also use a topical cream or oil to encourage a healthy balance. Argan oil is an ideal solution as it encourages hydration from within by boosting the skin’s natural oil reserves. The oil also revitalizes the skin by aiding collagen production.

2. Sun Spots and Discoloration

Sun spots are often caused by too much time in the sun. A healthy looking glow can lead to uneven skin tones down the road. Laser therapy, light therapy and retinol-based creams are often the go-to for sun spots and discoloration.

There is another way to combat these spots that doesn’t involve a trip to the dermatologist. At home treatments include using argan oil, castor oil or apple cider vinegar. Place the liquid on a cotton ball and apply to the skin, letting it sit for about 15 minutes before washing away with warm water.

You can also increase your likelihood of not developing these spots by using a daily sunscreen for sensitive skin.

3. Dull Skin

Skin may lose its glow as it ages. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a dull appearance. There is a simple fix that will give your skin a beautiful shine whether you are 21 or 101.

Exfoliation is a technique that sloughs dead, flaking skin. It leaves behind a fresh glow, which only increases when carried out on a regular basis. Exfoliate at home by creating a scrub using refined sugar and a carrier oil. Argan, walnut, castor, olive and coconut oils are all excellent choices. Many women enjoy adding essential oils like tea tree or geranium. Use this scrub twice per week by applying in a circular motion and rinsing well with warm water. Follow up with a light moisturizer or oil.

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4. Slackening

Collagen stores deplete as the skin ages. You may notice this around your chin and neck or under your eyes. This is sometimes due to diet. A diet that his high in fat or sugar can cause skin to droop or swell. A simple switch to more fresh fruit and vegetables can fix a variety of problems.

Massaging the skin can also help with collagen production. This activity increases blood flow, which helps your skin to heal itself. Use an essential oil known for restorative powers when massaging skin on the face. Some of these include lemon, carrot seed, frankincense, geranium and neroli. Be careful to dilute these oils from their pure form with a carrier oil like argan, sweet almond or rosehip seed. Many of these also have restorative powers.

5. Dryness and Flaking

Few people realize there is a difference between skin that is dry and that which is dehydrated. Dry skin is often caused by surface damage like harsh chemicals from makeup and moisturizers. It can also be caused by exposure to wind and sun. Dryness becomes more common as you age and have less time to care for your skin.

The simple fix to dry skin is to stop using overly produced skincare products and go back to basics. Oils containing vitamin E will cure your dry skin without causing breakouts. A gentle oil also soothes skin, giving you relief from the burning and itching that may accompany dryness.

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