Foods that Keep Your Skin, Body and Mind Refreshed!

If You Want To Keep Yourself Looking Young, Eat Healthy

With the days getting warmer and warmer and the fact that many places at the start of spring season actually had higher temperature recorded, we need something to cool us down. It is getting hotter these days as summertime is almost upon us! One can expect that the temperature would continue to rise!

So how can we cope with the intense heat? Not only do we have to worry about feeling the intense heat but the summer season’s damaging effects on the skin. How can we keep our cool under the intense and sweltering heat of the summer season? How do we keep our skin healthy? There are foods that can cool and refresh your body and your mind and of course keep your skin healthy!

Refreshing Foods for the Summer Season

Munch on these foods in the summertime and you will feel cooled down and refreshed as ever! These foods also keep the skin healthy and beautiful!

  • Gooseberry – Cooling as ever, you won’t be sweating much with the refreshing effects of gooseberry. Freshen up with a cold gooseberry juice! Your body will feel the temperature dropping down and as an added bonus, gooseberry actually has nutrients that can minimise signs of skin aging. Gooseberry is also good for the heart and your crowning glory!
  • Apricot – Having trouble with acne breakouts every summer? Well, apricot will solve your problem! Not only does it have acne-fighting powers, it is also cooling and refreshing!
  • Buttermilk – Instead of chugging down soda which gives you all sorts of trouble, drink up buttermilk instead. Nothing really refreshes like the real thing! Buttermilk is a healthy refreshment! It will keep your body hydrated! Hydration is a major key in keeping the skin youthful and healthy!
  • Mango – Beat the heat with the sweet and juicy taste of mangoes. This summer skip the dried ones and focus on the ripe ones. You can either make fresh mango juice, mango smoothie or just have chilled slices of this very refreshing fruit! Mangoes are loaded with Vitamin A and other potent antioxidants which keeps the skin protected from the harsh effects of the elements. Mangies are helpful in skin cell regenaration and keeping the elasticity of the skin!
  • Peaches – Another refreshing fruit are peaches! Millions of peaches! Peaches for me! Peaches for free! You may or may not be familiar with that song but what you should keep in mind is that peaches are absolutely refreshing! Peaches are also packed with antioxidants and other essential nutrients that our body needs!
  • Oyster – Even if you feel like the world is not your oyster, you can enjoy the refreshing and delicious taste of oysters! Ever tried eating fresh raw oyster? They are more refreshing and healthier that way! Oysters are also known to effectively delay skin aging!

So this coming summer season, make sure that you get these foods that are refreshing to your body and healthy for your skin!

Keep Your Skin Refreshed and Hydrated with Moroccan Argan Oil

To keep your skin refreshed, healthy, vibrant and youthful this summer season, don’t forget to give your skin a healthy dose of Moroccan Argan oil. This oil is rich in Vit. E, essential fatty acids and other nutrients beneficial to the skin! Apply the Moroccan Argan oil on your skin in the morning and night time to keep it moisturised. Just remember to not use the oil if you plan to bask under the sun!

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