Foods That Promote Healthy Nails

Eat Healthy For Healthy Nails

Many people think that coating their nails with polish is the way to improve their appearance. It is true that a set of polished nails are visually stunning but this is just a temporary fix or better yet a cover up. A healthy set of nails is strong. If you are suffering from brittle nails, painting them with polish can only do more damage. So how do you strengthen your already brittle nails? The answer is through proper nutrition!

There are certain foods that help improve the look and feel of nails as well as strengthen them. Here is a list of foods that does exactly this!

Foods that Keep the Nails Healthy

  • Almonds and walnuts – Munch on these nuts to get a set of healthy nails. Almonds and walnuts are packed with omega-3 essential fats. Omega-3 essential fats nourish the nails with fatty acids keeping them strong and preventing nail splitting. You can also incorporate these nuts into your salads or stir-fried vegetables or even mixed into yogurt.
  • Whole grains rich in iron – Iron is crucial to keep the nails healthy. Include whole grain or 100 percent wheat bread as well as pasta since they are packed with iron. Other foods packed in iron are eggs, dark leafy greens, legumes as well as meats.
  • Protein packed foods – A protein called keratin is what makes up your nails. On average, women need around 4-6 ounces of protein in every meal while men need about 5 -7 ounces. The best sources of protein include cold water fish such as salmon as well as poultry such as chicken and egg whites. Low-fat dairy products and soy are also excellent sources of protein. Red lean meats are also packed in protein but its best to consume them occasionally.
  • Flaxseeds – Flaxseeds are great for your nails since they contain omega-3 fats, fiber as well as protein. In just 100 grams of flaxseeds, you’ll already get 25 grams of protein. It is important to remember that flaxseeds should be ground or milled so that the body can absorb them. You can eat a teaspoon of ground flaxseeds every morning or sprinkle the same amount to your breakfast cereal. You can also sprinkle your salads, juices or protein shakes with a teaspoon of ground flaxseeds.

If you want to avoid having to wear brittle nails, you’ll have to make sure that your nails are getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Make sure that you include these foods in your diet to keep nails healthy and strong.

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