Foot Care for the Elderly

Foot care should be given priority no matter what one’s age is. But the truth is, some age brackets need better foot care than others. Take for example the feet of the elderly. It is important to keep the feet of the elderly in good shape as this will allow them to move more freely even as they age. When their feet are sore they would rather stay in one place then walk around and explore. A good and healthy pair of feet will also help to keep them keep balance and will prevent falls. Healthy feet will also help show health problem signs such as arthritis and diabetes. If you are part of this age bracket or know someone who is, then read on and learn more about proper foot care for the elderly.

Know your feet

It is important to know your feet well. Do this by checking your feet daily. A few minutes each day will help you to notice if there are changes on your feet – swelling, redness, soreness, and cuts – anything that would merit your attention. For extreme changes in your feet consult a physician.

Keep your feet clean

It is important to wash feet daily. Clean your feet before going to bed even if you think they are clean. The feet are always near the ground and getting them dirty is a lot easier. Use warm water and gentle soap when cleaning your feet. Also make sure that you step on a clean towel to help keep your balance and to help dry feet afterwards.

Cut nails properly

Cutting your nails straight across each toe will help prevent ingrown. Toe nails should also not be shorter than the toes itself. Keep nails clean and dry to help your feet become healthy.

Keep your feet moisturized

Moisturized feet will help keep away cracks on feet which may hinder the elderly to walk. Hydrating and drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day will help bring moisture to the whole body including one’s feet. Using effective moisturizers such as argan oil from Morocco will better lock in moisture. Argan oil may be used once or twice a day depending on one’s needs. Gently massage a few drops of the oil on your feet and help to moisturize and to promote better blood circulation. You can use argan oil all year through and you can use it any time of the day. This oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients that help keep the feet smooth and healthy.

Wear the right size of socks and shoes

The feet change its size as one age. Weight could be one factor in its size and even shape. For this reason it is important to get the right shoe size and even sock size for your feet as you age. Your feet may have become bigger or smaller over the years and your current shoes could already be wrong in size.

Being able to walk and keep up with their younger comrades are very important for the elderly. To do these it is vital for the elderly to care for their feet. Follow these simple tips and get better feet in no time.

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