For Busy Mothers: How to Manage Your Time!

Too little time so much left to do? This is the usual sentiment of many mothers. But why is this so?

Evenings Still Belong to Work
Many working mothers would love to spend time with their families after office hours but many still spend their evenings answering emails, answering and making calls or preparing work-related tasks for the next day. They end up having to split their attention between the kids and work and often not have enough time for their husbands.
After work hours is when your loved ones ask for your full attention. But these days, giving them the attention they deserve may not be that easy especially if you are busy with your work still while cooking dinner. Many people bring their work at home and most say it can’t be helped.

Time-Saving Tips
Here are some tips that would make a big difference and give you those precious extra minutes or even hours to spend with your loved ones.

  • Prepare large meals
    You can start by preparing large portions of dishes so you can freeze the other portions of the meal for the next night. This will surely cut your time in the kitchen and have an extra time to spend with your kids and your husband or partner.
  • Learn how to single-task.
    Multi-tasking is very common to many of us. When we multi-task we believe that we could accomplish more but the truth of the matter is we tend to accomplish less when our attention is divided into so many things. One cognitive-behavioral psychologist at Harvard Medical School shared that we actually waste precious time when we shift our gears to refocus. A study conducted by the University of California, Irvine also supported this stating that an office worker would need an extra 30 minutes to bring his or her attention back to a task after getting interrupted. So when it’s time to prepare dinner, don’t do anything else. Focus on the task at hand. If you need to attend to some work-related matter such as replying to emails designate 30 minutes for it right before preparing meals and another 30 minutes right before getting to bed.
  • Welcome a helping hand.
    Perhaps the reason why you are always out of time is that you prefer to take care of everything whether it’s at work or at home. If you can delegate some tasks to your staff or your assistant instead of taking care of everything then you would be able to free up some of your time. At home you can welcome a helping hand in preparing meals, setting up the table, putting away the laundry, fixing what needs simple fixing and tidying up the table and the kitchen sink after dinner. You can delegate some of the tasks to the older children and this way you are teaching them how to be more responsible. You can also welcome your husband in helping out in the kitchen. After all kitchen work is not just for mothers, they are for dads too.

Always out of time and out of breath? Try out these ideas!

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