For the Groom: How to Look Dashing on Your Wedding Day

Become The Best You Are During Your Special Day

Is your wedding date already just around the corner? As a groom-to-be you probably are busy attending to wedding details with your lovely-bride-to-be. With most of your time poured into wedding preparations, you might be neglecting an important aspect which is personal grooming.

It’s not just the brides-to-be who want to look great on their wedding days. Grooms-to-be also want to ensure that they look their best too. So if you’re soon to be a groom and your wedding day is ticking nearer, start on polishing your look. Here are some tips that will help a groom look rejuvenated, youthful and handsome on the big day!

Grooming Tips for the Groom-To-Be

  • Have a soothing massage! With the wedding date just days away, your schedule can get very hectic. Your emotions will be running wild and this may make feel all tensed. A soothing massage should be in the works. Let a pair of professional hands soothe away your tensions and stress. For a more soothing massage, you can ask your masseuse or masseur to use a bottle of Moroccan Argan oil as the massage oil. This oil is packed with nutrients having anti-inflammatory properties therefore soothing tired, tensed muscles and joints. Aside from soothing tired, stressed and tensed muscles, the Moroccan oil will also moisturise the skin.
  • Get a mani and pedi! If you still think that a mani and pedi are just for women, you probably have not been going out of your rock. Our society has finally accepted that men deserves all that pampering women enjoy. As a groom-to-be, you wouldn’t want to be in the ceremony with unappealing or worse dirty fingernails.
    You also need to care for your feet especially if you’re wedding has a wedding theme or a beach theme where you would be wearing a pair of sandals. Even if your theme calls for a pair of closed shoes, having well-groomed feet and clean toenails will impress your soon to be wife after the ceremony. So head out to a nail salon and let the hands of nail experts take care of your fingernails and toenails. You may also want to get a foot scrub in the process to soften your heels and soles. A foot massage should also be on the way to pamper your tired feet. Best to use the Moroccan oil in this process too.
  • Start working out! To look even more dashing, start exercising regularly. This will accentuate your masculine features even more! Your bride-to-be may fall even harder in love with you. Your effort to look your best on your wedding will mean a lot to her!
  • Get a professional shave! You would look so handsome with a clean-shaven face. For your wedding, it may be ideal to leave the shaving in the hands of a professional. You can apply a small amount of Moroccan Argan oil after getting a shave to keep the skin a good moisturising loving.
  • Care for your mane! Stop using soaps on your hair. Condition it at least thrice a week to get it ready for the big day. Get a clean cut a day or two before the wedding day!

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