Fall Season Tips: How to Stay Active and Healthy

Fall brings with it many unique opportunities to stay healthy and fit. The air becomes cooler which is a pleasant change from the heat of the summer. Cooler temperatures tempt you to go outside and go for long leisurely walks and enjoy the changing colors of the leaves on the trees with the occasional fall out, slowly drifting down, chased by the crisp air. The lingering sunshine beckons to you, reminding you that soon, nights will be longer and you should go out and play while you still can.

This season, focus on the social and health benefits of physical activity. The drop in temperatures doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside, waiting to turn the heater on higher as the winter days come nearer. Read on for some physical activity you should fall for.

Enjoy Fall Weekend Outings

  • Head out to a festival, whether it is in your town or the next. Fall festivals, craft shows and themed events are aplenty at this time of the year. This will be a great bonding time for your family as you get to spend the whole day (or the whole weekend) together.
  • Take a tour of your community. Get on a bike, take a walk, hike or jog around your community, taking in the sights that you take for granted most of the time. You may find that the park across town is great for picnics or that the grocery store around the corner sells that hard-to-find item you have been looking for.
  • Visit a local farm or the one just outside the city limits and have fun picking your own apples, or pumpkins, getting lost in the corn maze or simply walking around enjoying the sounds of dog barking, chicken clucking and cows mooing.

Do weekend chores with a smile

  • Rake the leaves in your yard with a happy grin on your face. Pile the leaves as high as you could, take a step back, turn around and fall, the leaves cushioning your fall like a thick carpet. Just make sure to remove sticks and stones that may hurt you.
  • Clean out your closet, packing away those summer dresses and flowery shorts and bringing them down to the basement for storage until next year. Bring out those jeans, sweaters and hoodies that mark the beginning of cooler weather, thinking of the fun times you had last year with each piece of clothing.

Plan your fall menu

Eating healthy is always at the forefront of every season. The changing season calls for changing the menu to suit the weather conditions. The colder temperatures call for warm and heavy meals to keep the body warm and comfortable. Here are some foods that you should keep a stock of in your pantry to ensure that you can dish up great healthy meals for your family.

  1. Vegetables are always handy to have. Hot steaming soup full of crisp and tender vegetables will save the day (and cold nights, too) every time.
  2. Spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and cardamom are examples of warm spices that will give your dishes their strong and fragrant flavors. Fall is an earth-toned season filled with a pallet of warm colors so it is only apt that we also connect this season with warm spices.
  3. Oils and fats keep our body warm. Choose healthy oils such as Argan oil for your meals. Argan oil is a healthy drizzle. This oil is rich in unsaturated fats, is an excellent edible vegetable oil for seasoning and refining sauces, salads, fish dishes, pasta, meat dishes and other culinary dishes. A few drops of the Argan oil can impart a special nutty flavor to your dishes without the bad effects associated with the “bad “fats that are high in saturated fats and promote health risks such as heart diseases.

The beginning of the cold weather shouldn’t let you become a couch potato, waiting and yearning for summer and just plainly counting the days till next summer. Enjoy fall and stay healthy by engaging in activities that are fun and healthy.

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