Fun Nail Quiz! Nail the Right Answers!

Proper Knowledge About A Topic Is Important To Master It
Put your knowledge about nails to the test! How well do you really know your nails? This is a fun test that will let you get to know your nails better. The more you understand your nails, the better you would be able to take care of them! So are you ready to give your brain a good rattle? Hope you will be able to nail the right answers!

How Well Do You Know Your Nails?

Let’s start with the easy questions as a warm up.
  1. Answer this with True or False. It is all right to bite your nails. – The answer is false. Not only will nailbiting deform your nails, it also exposes you to different microorganisms that cause illnesses. We use our hands all the time and they touch different things. Somewhere along the way, your nails may have picked up dirt, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that can cause sickness. So stop biting your nails!
  2. Can you have a bruise under your nail? – The answer is definitely Yes!
  3. Another question with a Yes or No answer. If you injure your nail and it falls off, would a new nail grow to replace it? – This is a painful one and we hope this doesn’t happen to you. Fortunately the answer is yes. There would be a new nail growing to replace the one that fell off.
That first round of questions may have been too easy. Let us go to more difficult questions. Can you still nail the answers? This time you’ll have to supply the answer.
  1. What do you call when a nail curves down into the skin while it grows? This can be very painful and lead to infection. Do you know the answer? The answer is an ingrown nail.
  2. What do you call that loose strip of dead skin hanging from the edge of a fingernail? You’ll scream in pain if you try pulling this one off! The answer is a hangnail.
So how are you doing so far? Did you nail all the correct answers? If you did, well good on you. But don’t feel too confident as we have the hardest questions here. Let’s get on with it.
  1. Do you know how fast your fingernails grow each month? – Is this too difficult for you? The answer is 1/10 of an inch in every month.
  2. Do you know what your nails are made out of? – This probably isn’t too difficult. If you paid attention in school back way back when, you’ll know that the right answer is keratin.
  3. Look at your nails. Do you see that half circle of pale skin that is just above your cuticles? What do you call this? – If you are among the very few people who still speak Latin or know some Latin words, it means moon. Do you have the answer? It’s the Lunula.
  4. Do you know where your nails start growing? – The answer is so obvious. The nail root of course!
  5. Do you know where your nails meet the skin? – This question just got easier. If you anwered the cuticle, you are absolutely right!
So how did you do on this nail test?