Get Clear Skin even during Winter

Maintaining A Fair Skin Even During Winter Can Be Quite A Feat

Maintaining a clear skin during winter could be a challenge. There are several enemies to fight such as flakes, cracks and dryness. This is due to the decrease in humidity which means less moisture in the air around you. This could be confusing since it is winter and it is the coldest season. But yes the amount of moisture drops because of the cold.

There are several ways to ensure clear skin this season and today you will learn more about them.

Moisturize your Skin

You need to apply moisturizers to your skin this winter. A good natural moisturizer is Argan oil. Rich in vitamin E, this oil will help lock moisture in your skin while nourishing the skin cells making your skin glow and healthy. You may also need sun block since UV rays are still around during winter. This with low humidity could really damage the skin. Also consider taking a bath using soaps rich in moisturizers. This will really help in moisturizing your skin further.

Exfoliate your Skin

Old skin should be shed to give way for new skin. Exfoliating your skin will also make your skin look younger and healthier. Use exfoliating creams that have bearberry and mulberry extracts. You can also use special soaps with argan oil designed to exfoliate. The nutrient found in the oil will help the skin regenerate allowing for an effective replacement of the old skin cells. But be wary of other exfoliating products that offer fast results. This could be harsh to your skin which can cause redness. This is why you should use natural exfoliating products to be in the safe side.

Apply Sunblock

The sun is still around during winter. And with the low levels of humidity sunlight could really deal a blow on your skin. So apply sunblock with a minimum SPF of 15. You will have to apply it several times daily because the cold weather will get rid of it fast from your skin.

Protect your Lips

Apply lip balm to your lips to protect it from cracking. Also remember to protect it from sunlight. Choose lip balms with SPF levels of 15 or greater. Just like sunblock, apply it several times daily.

Healthy Life Style

Eating healthy translates well outward. So eat lots of fruits and vegetables during winter and take lots of fluids. You should also do exercises and workouts. You may feel sluggish due to the effects of cold but fight it by eating warm soup and stew.

Stay at home most of the time

Home is one place where you can control the temperature and humidity. Using a humidifier you can keep the air within any room of your house moist which will really help your skin. You can also shade yourself from sunlight. But if you have to go out keep it at minimum. The outside weather is out of your control. You will need lots of things to protect your skin outside.

Now that you know the ways to keep your skin clear during winter you will have no more problems keeping your skin beautiful through the cold.

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